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If You’re 1 Of These Zodiac Signs, Your Week Will Be Full Of Sparks

This is the perfect time for making new friends and flirting with potential crushes.

It’s a beautiful time to focus on getting organized and improving your self-care regimens. The sun is in Virgo, the zodiac sign of cleanliness, health, and practicality. Do something about your messy and unkempt closet. Pour some more love into your meals and start using healthier ingredients. Begin your day with a rejuvenating yoga session and a morning journal entry. These are all things that Virgo loves, and if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of August 30, 2021, you might just feel inspired to take advantage of it.

Mercury — planet of communication and intelligence — will also enter romantic, harmonious, and balanced Libra on Aug. 30, tapping into your ability to be social and personable. This transit is perfect for making new friends and flirting with potential crushes. This planetary shift into a cardinal air sign will also encourage intellectual pursuits as you look at things with a more curious and discerning eye.

The confusion will be real as of Sept. 2, when aggressive Mars opposes disorienting Neptune. This could deflate some of your motivation and enthusiasm, leaving you feeling unsure of yourself. You may have such a perfectionist perspective of what you want that you’re failing to appreciate the reality of what you’re capable of. Don’t lose your conviction just because something isn’t flawless. Luckily, when Mercury forms a trine with stable Saturn on Sept. 4, you may feel more confident in your ideas and your abilities.

However, drama may unfold in your relationships by Sept. 5, once romantic Venus squares off with cunning Pluto. Some of your darker impulses may be harder to control, so be careful when feelings of jealousy or inadequacy arrive. Either way, the following zodiac signs still have so much to look forward to:

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Gemini: You’re Feeling Supported And Inspired By Your Creativity

As of this week, you’re thinking like an artist. After all, Mercury — your ruling planet — is entering your fifth house of creativity and color, encouraging you to use your imagination a little bit more than usual. You’re craving big and beautiful ideas that allow you to express yourself like the poet you never stopped being. As Mercury forms a trine with Saturn, you’re learning how to stick with your artistic projects rather than allow them to fizzle out before they’ve gained steam.

Virgo: You’re Embracing The Authenticity Of Who You Are

Virgo, it’s your time to shine. The sun is in Virgo, encouraging you to embrace confidence and boldness as you take stock of where you are and where you’d like to be. During your solar return, you might find yourself ruminating over the past year and reflecting on how you’ve grown and changed. You’ve approached challenges, tried your best, and accomplished so much more than you might realize. Let these accomplishments light a fire beneath you and encourage you to make meaningful moves during the year ahead.

Libra: You’re In A Romantic And Passionate Mood

The current astrology is dazzling you with so much positive energy. After all, Venus — your ruling planet — is in Libra, adorning you with love, beauty, and friendship. Now that Mercury is entering Libra, you’re feeling equally as social, prompting you to get out there, meet new people, and revel in your sparkling wit. You’ve got so many things to say and everyone is hanging off the edge of your words, more than willing to listen to you.