Young woman looking over her shoulder to show the spiritual meaning of the new moon in Leo.

You May Find Yourself At A Crossroads During This Month’s New Moon

Are you prepared to break the rules?

Filippo Maria Di Nardo/EyeEm/Getty Images

All stories must start somewhere. When it comes to the story of the moon, it always begins at the same moment. The moon follows a 28-day cycle, and during this cycle, you’re encouraged to embrace the flow of growth and release. However, in order for something to grow, it must start as a seed. In la luna’s case, this seed takes the form of the new moon. It’s at this moment that the moon’s journey begins, inviting you along for the ride, and the spiritual meaning of the August 2021 new moon in Leo could initiate so much change in your life.

When the new moon takes place, the moon is nowhere to be seen. Cloaking itself behind the shadow of night, it’s as if the moon is planting itself like a seed, only the soil is the darkness of the sky. That’s why the new moon is a beautiful time to set an intention to guide you forward. When you make a point of starting something on the new moon, you’re picking the perfect time to do so. By the time the corresponding full moon takes place (around six months after the new moon), you might see the results of all your efforts.

There’s even an astrological reason for the new moon’s significance. This is when the moon — ruler of your internal world — joins forces with the sun — ruler of your external world — in the same zodiac sign. This aligns your conscious mind with your subconscious mind, bringing your awareness to something important. With this increased awareness, these luminaries are encouraging you to take a major step toward your own personal growth.


The New Moon In Leo Takes Place On Aug. 8 at 9:49 a.m. ET

Because this new moon takes place in confident, bold, and theatrical Leo, you may feel called to project your ultimate authenticity. Leo is a zodiac sign that loves to be seen and will take any opportunity to be on stage, in front of an audience that can laugh at their jokes and applaud their talents. Leo is the intrinsic entertainer of the zodiac; a sign that revels in its own artistic expression and isn’t afraid to stand out in the midst of a crowd. Some may shy away from the spotlight, but Leo yearns for it. Don’t stand in the shadow on this new moon; let yourself be guided toward the sunshine.

However, just because this new moon takes place in a zodiac sign that’s as whimsical as Leo doesn’t mean it’s without its challenges. This new moon is in quite a precarious position, because it sits right in the middle of a tense T-square with traditional Saturn and revolutionary Uranus. This could leave you feeling inhibited from expressing yourself. As Saturn wants to uphold the past, Uranus wants to break down barriers and create the future.

On this new moon, you may find yourself at a crossroads. Will you abide by the rules you’ve always followed, even when they may hold you back? Or will you embrace your instinct to break the rules, even when you know it might be foolish? No one can answer this question for you, because there is no right answer. All you can do is follow your heart, which is fortunately something that comes naturally to fixed fire sign Leo, the lion of the zodiac. Give yourself permission to roar however you see fit.