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8 Reasons Aquarius Is The Most Misunderstood Sign Of The Zodiac

They secretly wouldn’t have it any other way.

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When you think about Aquarius individuals, what usually comes to mind? Is it their humanitarian qualities, their sharp wit, or their unique self-expression? All of the above are pretty accurate, but what rings even more true is how misunderstood they can be. For starters, they are often mistaken as a water sign, because of the “Aqua” part of their name, but once you get to know an Aquarius, you’ll notice that they’re anything but watery. They maintain their opinions and authenticity like no one else, and can oftentimes be considered stubborn for it. They tend to walk the path untaken, and at times they actually prefer things done the hard way. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so they adhere to their beliefs and outlook on life with a strong consistency. They’re a lot more intelligent than they like to let on, because of their detached, distanced approach to situations. They need a lot of space to be themselves, and they’re not willing to compromise that for anyone.

As misunderstood as they feel, they secretly wouldn’t have it any other way because it adds a sense of mystery to them. They want to feel as unique as possible, so much so that they will immediately dislike something just because the majority likes it. This can make them appear a bit like party poopers, when in reality, they’re just trying to obtain their own identity. If you have an Aquarius in your life that always leaves you feeling confused, here are eight reasons why Aquarians are the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac:

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1. They maintain a detached approach.

While I hate using the term “emotionally unavailable” to describe a sign, Aquarius folks do tend to have that detached, distant energy about them. As an air sign, they don’t mean anything by it, they just crave the ability to form their own thoughts and opinions about everything in their life. These individuals are very much aware that when you’re too close to something, bias can easily be created, and they don’t want that. It’s easy to take it personally, but they’re truly like that with everything and everyone.

Aquarians are incredibly independent, and thoroughly enjoy their space, so if you want to get on their good side, act like you understand it (even if you don’t).

2. They want to be perceived as different.

Aquarius individuals actively seek originality in everything that they do; they will go out of their way to forge their own lane, even if there’s one clearly marked and paved. As Leo’s sister sign, they only want to be acknowledged for what sets them apart, not what makes them like everyone else. This is the key to understanding an Aquarius, and makes them seem a lot less intimidating. They seek the attention that we all crave, just in a different way. If you want to compliment an Aquarius, be sure to point out the unique things they enjoy, like their taste in music or their eccentric fashion. They’ll love you for it.

3. Aquarians are social butterflies, but tend to isolate quite often.

One of the biggest reasons why Aquarians are misunderstood is because of how social-yet-antisocial they tend to be. As an air sign, they love sharing thoughts and ideas with others, but they tend to venture off on their own most days. The reason for this is because Aquarius individuals have grown accustomed to being the odd one out. They don’t usually fit in like everyone else, so they try their best not to put themselves in situations where they’ll be rejected. Many Aquarius folks haven’t always been celebrated for being different, which has taught them that people just won’t understand them. So if you know an Aquarius, be sure to embrace them with open arms into your social circle.

4. They love to help others, but don’t feel comfortable being acknowledged for it.

Aquarians are the activists of the zodiac, and they love to do volunteer work and community service. They don’t, however, like to be praised or acknowledged for the work that they do. This is because an Aquarius sees more value in the work they do with others, rather than getting praise for the things they do on their own. To them, humanitarian work is a group effort, as well as something they believe we should all be doing, so don’t be surprised if they never mention all the volunteer work they do on their off days.

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5. They have an unconventional approach to relationships.

Aquarians are notorious for being a little nontraditional when it comes to relationships. If they like you, they tend to take the detached, chill approach to dating, because they’re often not too hell-bent on monogamy. These individuals need their freedom, and a lot of traditional relationships tend to encourage the “two halves making a whole” archetype, and they’re not fans of that. They need to obtain their whole identity on their own, and they prefer partners who do the same.

6. They’re secretly pretty traditional.

Aquarians are traditionally ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, boundaries, and limitations, meaning that they secretly enjoy rules. This is one of their biggest contradictions, since they adhere so strongly to being untraditional and different. Aquarius individuals are definitely unique, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that their traditional views tend to come out here and there. Their desire to break tradition comes from understanding that some views have to evolve and change, but some are “traditions'' for a reason. For them, it’s more of a moral obligation, but it will definitely surprise you from time to time.

7. Aquarians wear their emotions on their face.

You know that one Aquarius friend you have that is quick to scoff and roll their eyes when they don’t like something? Well, that definitely isn’t an isolated trait. Aquarians tend to wear their emotions on their face, so even if they don’t always open up about their feelings in a communicative way, you won’t have to look too hard to understand what they’re feeling – they’ll show you. Since they’re so opinionated, they tend to voice their feelings from an “intellectual” standpoint, but in reality, there are some strong feelings tied to these views. They oftentimes are considered to be emotionless, but they simply display their emotions in different ways than others.

8. They care a lot more than they let on.

Don’t let an Aquarius fool you into thinking that you can’t hurt their feelings, because you definitely can. They tend to mask hurt feelings pretty easily, but they’re human just like everyone else. While they may not take much to heart, they have a soft spot for people in need or people who are suffering in some way. They tend to channel their feelings into the work that they do, so a surface-level insult will probably not affect them very much. These individuals want to be of service more than anything, so if they’ve ever been there for you during a rough time, be sure to thank them for that.

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