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The Aries New Moon Will Be A Breeze For These 4 Zodiac Signs

Set your ego aside.

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The moon is always guiding you toward something incredible. After all, the moon rules over your subconscious and your inner world, shining a light on the thoughts and feeling that you hold close to your heart. As the moon moves through its enduring 28-day cycle, it paves the way for new opportunities for growth and enlightenment. However, it all begins with the new moon, when la luna retreats behind the shadow of night and gives you a chance to reflect on what you’d like to accomplish next. Even though the April 2022 new moon in Aries will affect these zodiac signs the least — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — they can’t escape the motivating vibrations of this lunation.

Aries is famous for its passion, courage, and impulsiveness. This cardinal fire sign grabs the bull by the horns and doesn’t think twice before doing it. Even though their intensity can get them into trouble, an Aries believes the chaos is *always* worth it. When you’re sitting on the sidelines and overthinking every little movement, it has a tendency to talk you out of greatness. That’s why Aries always believes in following your instinct, because more often than not, it’s right on target. During this new moon — which takes place on April 1 at 2:24 a.m. ET — embrace the excitement that’s encouraging you to take charge of your future.

However, this new moon could bring up some heavy emotions as it joins forces with sensitive Chiron. There may be a lot of healing involved with this new chapter you’re about to begin, to extend compassion toward yourself and others every step of the way. The healing process is always beautiful, but it’s rarely ever easy, so treat it with the patience and respect it deserves.

Here’s how fixed signs are embracing this new moon in Aries:

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Taurus: You’re Diving Deep Into Your Psyche And Indulging In Solitude

You’re embracing a deeper spirituality during this new moon, because it takes place in your 12th house of unseen energies. Immerse yourself in your dreamworld and allow yourself to feel your feelings, because you deserve to be honest about what you’ve been going through. And as you release all the pent up emotions you’ve been holding in, you’re also giving your ego a chance to heal. Forgive yourself, because you always deserve a second chance.

Leo: You’re Spreading Your Wings And Reaching For The Stars

There are so many things to do and so many places to see, so embrace the adventurous energy of this new moon. Taking place in your expansive ninth house, this new moon is about liberating yourself from your mental constraints and embracing an open mind. Gain new experiences and step out of your comfort zone, because there’s so much growth to be gained once you veer off the beaten path. Let unexpected synchronicities show you a whole new world.

Scorpio: You’re Cultivating A Routine That Works For You

There’s so much work to be done and so little time. With the mountain of tasks tugging on your nerves, it only makes sense that this new moon will help you get organized. Laying down the groundwork in your sixth house of routine, this new moon wants you to build habits that bring out the best in you and work more efficiently. Practice makes perfect, and if you’re not feeling inspired by the process, how will you feel motivated to put in a solid effort?

Aquarius: You’re Engaging In Stimulating Discourse And Going Viral

During this new moon, you’re feeling more intelligent and clever than ever before. After all, this new moon takes place in your third house of communication, inspiring you to learn new things, engage in intellectual discourse, and voice your opinions (even if they’re controversial). You might just strike a chord and find that your words are going viral, because the world *wants* to hear what you have to say.

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