Each Zodiac Sign Will Face At Least 1 Big Challenge In Their Life & This Is Yours

We all have our self-esteem issues. None of us are exempt from allowing irrational insecurities to hold us back from reaching our fullest potential. Oftentimes, what makes you feel insecure becomes apparent early on in life, only to haunt you for the rest of your years. There’s nothing wrong with you for feeling worthless, for feeling like you’re not good enough. These moments of self-doubt are as much a part of the human experience as anything else. However, that doesn’t mean we should let these negative feelings take over our lives. We should constantly be working to defeat these insecurities, no matter how painful it may be to face them. Why, you might ask? Because your insecurities are also the key your greatest success. Understanding your greatest challenge in life, according to your Chiron sign, is the surest way to conquer it.

Your Chiron sign is one of the most complex in the zodiac. It describes your deepest fears, your most painful thoughts, and the downward spiral you’re most likely to slip into. On the other end of the spectrum, Chiron also reveals your ability to heal yourself and others. Yes, you have these fears, but you overcome them every day, even if it does’t seem like it. Your Chiron sign says to you: “This is your worst fear. Do everything it’s telling you not to do.”

If you don’t know what your Chiron sign is, check out this birth chart calculator and find out. Then, read on to find out what it says about you:


If your Chiron is in Aries, you may have a difficult relationship with your self-confidence. Insecure about your place in this world, you overcompensate by constantly trying to prove your worth. The moments where you feel accomplished and proud of yourself are fleeting, as you immediately find another flaw in yourself to obsess over.


If your Chiron is in Taurus, you may feel like you were dealt a bad set of cards in life, like your emotional or material needs have been overlooked or neglected. This might cause you to search for whatever you feel has been withheld from you in all the wrong places. It won't be easy for you to appreciate the things you do have.


If your Chiron is in Gemini, you may have a deep-seated insecurity about the way you communicate. You fear you're misunderstood by others or that you're unable to articulate your true feelings. When you do speak, you might worry you're being judged poorly for your words and having conviction in your statements is something you could struggle with.


If your Chiron is in Cancer, you might feel like you don't belong anywhere or that you're not wanted by others. You might struggle to fit in and try desperately to make people love you, even though you're loved by many and you just don't see it. Finding a family or a solid group of friends will be one of your main concerns in life.


If your Chiron is in Leo, you may go through life feeling like your talents are never appreciated or acknowledged. Perhaps you worry that you've wasted your gifts and you'll never reach your fullest potential. If you aren't being rewarded or praised on a grand scale for your work, you tend to feel worthless. You don't realize that the only opinion that matters is your own.


If your Chiron is in Virgo, you might struggle with feeling like your life is in constant disarray. Maybe you have an unrealistic obsession with being perfect and you beat yourself up over even the most minor errors. This can cause you to not try at all. You might see chaos when everything is actually fine, causing you to waste so much of your energy worrying.


If your Chiron is in Libra, it's highly possible that you struggle with your appearance. When you look in the mirror, you concentrate on your flaws rather than what makes you attractive. You're constantly consumed with making yourself beautiful and no matter how hard you try, you're never truly satisfied.


If your Chiron is in Scorpio, you're fiercely attached to the people and things in your life in a way that can be unhealthy. A deep-rooted fear of losing what matters to you most pervades your every move. When afraid, you tend to behave in a dramatic, potentially damaging way that you fear actually drives people even further away from you.


If your Chiron is in Sagittarius, you might go through life constantly feeling like you're not good enough. You always thought you would be a super star, someone famous, someone who'll be remembered by the history books. Your fear of being ordinary destroys you. Comparing yourself to others is something you do all too often, worrying that you just don't measure up.


If your Chiron is in Capricorn, you may have the tendency to work yourself to death. There's an erroneous notion that you can work your way to having high-self esteem that you foolishly buy into. You might never feel like your work is good enough or that you're truly working hard enough and a deep-rooted fear of failure permeates many of your actions.


If your Chiron is in Aquarius, it's possible that your fear of rejection fuels every choice you make. You might feel strange, outlandish, like you could be easily ostracized for being yourself. This causes you to give in to solitude so often that you become deeply lonely. You don't realize that what makes you different is actually what makes you interesting.


If your Chiron is in Pisces, you may feel like the whole universe is against you and having faith in the goodness in humanity is something you struggle with. You concentrate on darkness and shadows instead of seeing the light and this pessimism can consume you if you're not careful. You need to understand that you have the power to change your world.