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The Upcoming New Moon In Aries Is All About Believing In Yourself

Nothing is impossible.

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No matter what happens, astrology is always pushing you toward something new. As the planets exert pressure onto you in their own unique ways, the nature of the cosmos is always centered on growth. However, nothing proves the enduring transformations present in the universe like the many phases of the 28-day lunar cycle. As this familiar and unforgettable celestial body belly dances in the night sky, it’s always revealing a deeper part of you. Once you understand the spiritual meaning of the April 2022 new moon in Aries, you’ll come to terms with what motivates you to be the best *you* you can be.

All stories begin somewhere, and when it comes to the moon’s enduring tale, it always begins when la luna is nowhere in sight. This phase — known as the “new moon” — signifies that the moon has retreated from the scene and is ready to embrace reflection and release. Use this moment to let go of everything you’ve been carrying, because you can’t carry the past on your back when you’re ready to embrace something bright, shiny, and new. Use the new moon to set an intention to guide you forward, because you’re right at the brink of a journey that’s just beginning.

Starting something new, such as a project or a relationship, during this phase of the lunar cycle is a major life hack. After all, this is when the sun — ruler of your external self — is in conjunction with the moon — ruler of your internal self — as they form an alignment in the same zodiac sign. What you begin during this moment is begun with every inch of your heart in agreement. Imagine what you can accomplish when you’re no longer arguing with yourself?

Even though this new moon takes place on April Fool’s Day, there’s nothing foolish about the immense power that it holds. Here’s what you should know about the upcoming new moon in Aries:

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When Is The April 2022 New Moon In Aries?

You’re launching into the stratosphere, because Aries is a sign that doesn’t tiptoe toward their dreams; they light a rocket and blast off without looking back. This cardinal fire sign is marked for its gut instinct, which is refined to such a precision that it can’t help but land right on target. Use the energy of this Mars-ruled zodiac sign to catapult toward the triumph you’ve been lusting after, because every Aries knows that the best revenge of all time is *truly* success.

Aries is a sign that’s never afraid to compete, because it loves any opportunity to prove that it’s the best. However, just because Aries is famous for being “courageous” doesn’t mean that it never experiences fear. As this new moon — which takes place on April 1 at 2:24 a.m. ET — joins forces with Chiron — the wounded healer — you may find that your insecurities and self-doubt are clouding your judgment. However, instead of succumbing to the pressure of being your own worst critic, take your experiences and use it to help others overcome their own hurdles. Heal yourself by facilitating healing in others. When you soothe a broken heart, your heart is mended in return. Remember that compassion is neither given, nor received, but recycled back and forth until the cycle continues for all eternity. And when you help someone overcome their fears, it shows you how capable you are of overcoming your own.

This new moon is a powerful opportunity to embrace therapeutic conversations, thanks to Mercury’s clever and communicative influence on this lunation. Exchange the words that will finally set you free and then embrace the journey that quickly begins to follow.