7 Times Life Gets Real At 25 & Just Like That, You're An Adult

What's your definition of "adult?" For some, it's a person who talks about work and paying bills on time. For others, it's when you stop having petty arguments and start knowing how to handle sticky situations. Growing up, you may have assumed that once you hit a certain age, you'd be what the world considers an "adult." Suddenly, you'd know the answers to life's biggest questions like, "What do you want do you want to do for the rest of your life," and be able to do anything. Now that you're 20-something, though, you're realizing that's not totally the case. There are times life gets real at 25, and you feel like an adult in the blink of an eye.

Back in the day, you looked at the "big kids" in your neighborhood and thought, "Wow, they're so grown up!" They were allowed to go out and ride their scooters without any supervision, and help themselves to the goodies in the snack cabinet. At the time, you were just a kid wearing your light-up sneakers and Disney princess T-shirts. When did you become one of those "big kids?"

Maybe it was the day when you landed your first job or went off to college — or maybe it was the moment you decided to move to another city and start fresh. Long story short: It happened, and now you're 25. These seven moments really make you feel like an adult. *Cue the gasps.*

When You're Tired Of The Going Out Scene

You start to truly feel like an adult the moment you turn down a night out with your besties. As much as you've loved the usual bar scene in the past, you just don't feel the same way anymore. The crowded rooms and loud music aren't your jam, and curling up on the couch to watch a movie instead sounds amazing. Soon enough, your friends are right there with you.

Truth is, there comes a time when going out is #overrated. You don't want to spend money on drinks, and would much rather bond with your besties in a room that's not completely dark (and you don't have to shout).

When You're Perfectly OK With Staying In

Being an adult also means that you're perfectly fine with staying in. You end up facing your FOMO and spending a Saturday night or two with yourself. And let me tell you: It's glorious.

You put on a face mask and paint your nails in the comfort of your bubble bath. Then, you scope out some job opportunities you've been hoping to pursue, and catch up with the characters in your new book.

At one point, you may log onto social media and see everyone's snaps from the clubs and bars in your town. You won't be phased one bit, and will think to yourself, "I hope they're having fun," before sighing with relief.

When You're Talking About The Younger Generation

Nothing makes you more of an adult than when you talk about the younger generation. You may casually bring up their love for the Internet or the newer television shows in conversation, rolling your eyes a bit at what they consider to be classics. (Let's be honest: There's no way that Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire could ever be beat! Can somebody back me up on this, please?)

You even catch yourself talking about the '90s and referencing toys like Tamagotchis and slap bracelets, that the younger generation would never understand. In those moments, you realize you're an adult.

When You're Attending A Bunch Of Weddings

Throughout your 20s, you and your besties will attend a bunch of weddings. Some, you'll even been part of — embracing the bridesmaid role for someone you grew up with, or a girl who you became close with in college.

The first few events may feel kind of weird. I mean, you're watching people you've known since kindergarten say, "I do." That's pretty mind-blowing, right? But, after you receive a few more invitations in the mail, you'll have the wedding routine down to a science. Is this adulthood? I think so.

When You're With Former Classmates At Your High School Reunion

In high school, you and your classmates talked about your future reunion. You laughed at the thought of growing apart and seeing people for the first time in five or 10 years. You imagined what unique haircuts you'd have, or where you'd be in life.

Once you hit 25, those daydreams become reality. You walk down Nostalgia Lane all the time, and reminisce on memories with your old hometown crew at a local restaurant. You understand why your parents get so excited over these events, even years and years after graduation.

When You're Ready To Move Out And Be On Your Own

Life gets real the moment you realize you're ready to move out and be on your own. You may wake up one morning feeling ambitious, and start hunting for apartments with your best friends.

In that moment, you're nervous, excited, and feeling every other emotion in the books. You never thought you'd see a day when you'd be so curious and anxious to have your own place and write a rent check. You assumed you'd want to stay at home with your siblings and pups for as long as you possibly could. But, you have some "becoming an adult" to do.

When You're Networking

Whether it's a side hustle or traditional office job, you do some serious networking. Life gets real, real fast, because you go on work trips and focus on passion projects, too. You discover a professional side of yourself — one with a personal brand and cool business cards. If that's not part of the definition of "adult," then I don't know what is. Just like that, at 25, you become the person you always thought you would be.