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The Rare Mars-Jupiter Conjunction In Aries Can Cause Major Burnout

Mark down May 29 in your calendars, fam.

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Though Taurus season recently wrapped and we’re now in the midst of Gemini season, the cosmos will be gracing us with plenty of Aries’ fiery, dynamic energy as Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all travel through the cardinal fire sign. This is *huge*, especially since two of them will be forming a conjunction in this sign — aka the rare 2022 Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries — in a matter of days. Since Mars is the ruler of Aries, and Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, and opportunity, this astro event is sure to shake things up, especially for four zodiac signs.

The 2022 Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries will be taking place for the first time in 12 years, on May 29, at 3 degrees, causing these two planets to bring sudden action and movement to every zodiac sign in some fashion. While Mars and Jupiter aren’t the best of friends, they share some similarities: Mars wants to push things forward; Jupiter wants things to grow and expand. Together, you can expect these two planets to cause some major activity in the house Aries governs over in your chart. (If you don’t have any placements in Aries, you can still expect its assertive, boss b*tch energy to take place in one of the 12 houses in your birth chart.)

This conjunction is great for embarking on new projects and endeavors, but its energy can be a bit overwhelming. To make sure you’re in the know, here’s more of what you can expect from the rare Mars-Jupiter conjunction:

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What A Mars-Jupiter Conjunction In Aries Means For Your Sign

The conjunction of these two planets will primarily affect those who have Mars or Jupiter as their chart ruler (i.e. Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces risings), but it will collectively have an impact on each of us. Since neither of these planets are too concerned with boundaries or limitations (especially in Aries), this conjunction has the potential to cause burnout. If you feel as though you’re doing too much or have piled too much on your plate during this time, it could be worthwhile to slow down.

Wherever the conjunction will be taking place in your birth chart is where you can expect much of your energy to be directed toward during this time, as well as some new potential endeavors that begin now. Since this is Aries we’re talking about, anything that you begin around May 29 is likely to really hit the ground running. I encourage you to be as intentional as you can about where you’re directing your energy during this transit, because whatever you focus on now is sure to multiply.