If Your Long-Distance BFF Can't Answer These 10 Questions, It May Not Last

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Your BFF doesn't have to live in the same state as you. In fact, she may live in a totally different country. And just because you don't see each other every week, doesn't mean you're not best friends forever.

Long-distance friends don't have to talk every day to know their bond is strong AF. If your friendship withstands time and distance, you know this friendship is one you want to hold on to. Needless to say, if this chick can answer any of these 10 questions thrown at her, she gets a gold star. If she fails, you really need to mark off some time on both of your calendars to really get to know each other better... because your friendship may not last.

1. "Who is your bestie dating?"

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Your BFF has to know the skinny on your love life. It's the juiciest gossip you guys dish about over the phone. Whether you're dating or you're single, she knows the whole lowdown. Even if she can't be there to be the best wing woman ever, she still sheds her support and honest opinion.

2. "Where does she live?"

Yes, your BFF doesn't live in the same state as you, but does she know exactly where you live? If she cannot answer this simple question, she most likely hasn't been paying attention. It can definitely get hard with a friend who's all about that travel lifestyle, but keeping tabs on a best friend is so important, and it shows you care.

3. "What's her job?"

You may have moved to a different place for a job, so she needs to know where you're crushing that #girlboss life. And if it's your dream job, she really should know so she can be the most supportive. It also might not be a dream job at all, so she should know the 411 when you call to vent.

4. "How long is the flight to go visit her?"

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She has either already visited you, or has definitely looked up flights. Either way, she should know how long it will take to hop on a plane for a surprise getaway. She knows when's the best time to buy flights, too, because aren't we all about those awesome deals?

5. "What should go in her perfect care package?"

Your BFF knows what your favorite snack food is and what magazine makes you smile. That way, if you ever need a care package, she knows exactly what to send you and you know what to send her. You may even share the same taste in cupcakes.

6. "When's her birthday?"

She may not be able to come celebrate with you, but she'll most likely want to get her BFF something special for her birthday. Whether it's a card, a gift, or just a sweet text, it's hard to be able to do that if she doesn't know when your birthday actually is. A true BFF knows before Facebook tells her, so she has more than enough time to mail you something awesome.

7. "What's her favorite gif?"

When you need cheering up, she can't rush to your side with some wine and a romantic comedy. Instead, she can try to cheer you up with your favorite gif. She knows which one will absolutely make you smile no matter what.

8. "Who is her favorite celebrity?"

She can answer this one immediately. She keep tabs on the news and when something pops up with them in it, she always make sure her main girl knows. You probably already do, because you're all about that social media life, but she lets you know regardless because she cares.

9. "Where did/does she go to college?"

Where you went to college may very well be the reason why you're currently long-distance (whether you're still in it, or you stuck around the area for a job after graduation). It's so important for her to know all of the details about your college experience, including your major, because it's a super important part of your life. You obviously want to know all of the scoop about her college memories, too.

10. "Does she prefer texting or phone calls?"

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If you're true long-distance BFFs, you keep in touch no matter what. She knows whether you prefer texting or talking on the phone. And if you're a phone call kind of a gal, she knows when is the best time to call.