10 Reasons Why Long-Distance Friendships Make For The Strongest Bonds

by Kirsten Corley

Friendship isn’t defined by how often you see the person or how often you talk to him or her.

While those are all key components that help to build friendships, every once in a while, you can come across a person with whom you have an immediate connection.

These connections are heartfelt connections; in other words, you just vibe.

These are people you can go months without speaking to, and it's never awkward when you pick up the phone to call and chat or when you reunite face-to-face. These are the people you run into unexpectedly, and it makes your day better.

However, certain circumstances can test the relationships you have with said people.

You won't be running into one another because of the physical distance between you, for instance; an ocean between the two of you adds a small deterrent to your relationship.

I remember standing in my boyfriend’s bedroom the day my visa expired, after a wonderful study abroad semester in Ireland. It was the first time in my life I had the college experience I saw on television.

A group of friends ate a meal together and stumbled home drunk, just to snuggle in each other's beds. I walked into their house uninvited, and I had the time of my life in a new country for six months.

I looked at the calendar with resentment, and I even contemplated setting it on fire.

I said my goodbyes as I held back tears, and my best friend, Chloe, hugged me and whispered, “I’m better for having known you.” Richard looked at me and uttered, “Bye.” He left quickly, and it felt surreal.

Then next thing I know, I was sitting on the bus and Richard’s name came across my 40-euro phone: “I couldn’t properly say goodbye because I didn’t know how to say it to someone who has become so important in no time at all. I’m going to miss you so much.”

In the months that passed (and one breakup later), Richard became my rock and my best friend. Despite the distance, he has been with me through so much.

Even though your best friend is 3,000 miles away, you can still foster a connection and share a love for one another. Distance isn’t an obstacle if you don’t allow it to be.

We still exchange Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and Valentine's Day gifts; we speak both often and sometimes not for months.

But, because our souls are connected, it doesn’t matter if the ocean or a country boarders between us.

Here are a few things I've learned about having a best friend 3,000 miles away:

1. Your bond grows stronger.

When there is a time difference, you'll have to have conversations that aren’t convenient for you. You make sacrifices, and the conversation that wakes you up at 4 am is always worth it.

2. The computer becomes your best friend.

The art of letter writing hasn’t been lost, but your computer and the Internet can help your relationship. The connection will always be there.

3. You always have something to look forward to.

You may not know when or how long it will be, but you know you will cross paths in the future.

4. You establish a forever friend.

Friends come and go, but every once in a while, you meet someone who will be with you for life.

5. You laugh about the old times.

You laugh at the jokes you made that one time in the pub and the night you drunkenly fell over, only to pick up one another.

You have many memories in the past, and you look forward to the ones that will come in the future.

6. You never get into fights.

You aren't going to waste time fighting because time is too precious, and you don't have anything to argue about anyway.

7. You still can make each other laugh.

When you're recapping your weekend to your BFF on a Monday, you realize nothing has changed. If you two can’t be there for each other's memories, you'll bring each other along for them.

8. You can think of a past but also of a future.

Your BFF might be the only aspect of your past you don’t look back on with regret, and he or she is always someone you have to look forward to seeing in the future.

9. You always have a place to stay.

Feel like taking a trip this week? You always have a place to stay!

10. Your BFF makes you proud of yourself.

No matter how horribly you handled your breakup or how crazy you were, your BFF doesn't judge you. He or she accepts you and reminds you of the strong person you are. Your BFF makes you a better version of yourself.

While long-distance friendships can sometimes be complicated and hard, you realize you have a soul mate, no matter if he or she is 3,000 miles away. For that, you are grateful.