7 Things True Long Distance BFFs Do That Prove Their Friendship Is Forever


Having a long distance best friend is no walk in the park. It can be devastating being apart from your ride or die, but you both know that distance is just an abstraction and your friendship will be forever solid. So, you two make it work.

Clearly, your BFF is special to you, so you both have a unique, borderline weird connection. You get each other on a level that most people wouldn't, and you can be your true selves. What's not to love?

BFFs are more than friends; they're family. You may not even realize how much of an impact they have on your life until they're out of arm's reach. Regardless, you don't let circumstance win that easily. If you have a legit long distance BFF, you two have several ways of showing that your friendship isn't going anywhere.

1. You Stay Connected In Your Own Way

With so many social media options like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, there's no excuse to not see each other's faces on the reg. And let's be honest: You don't even want to go a week without catching up with your bestie. Whether you're dabbling in a hilarious Snapchat filter, or sliding into each other's DMs, communication is key.

2. When You Link Up, Nothing Has Changed

Remember how distance is just an abstraction? So is time. It's like you and your BFF are immune to passing time when it comes to your friendship, because you can always pick up right where you left off.

3. You Don't Get Jealous About Their Other Friends


Your BFF is amazing. This means that other people are clearly going to want to be friends with them. That's fine, though, because you guys have a different kind of friendship.

4. You Talk Each Other Up To New Friends

Ever notice how you talk about your BFF like she's some poster child?  Hey, you have bragging rights. That's your main girl.

5. You Compare Your BFF To Other People

You don't stray from the idea that maybe there's room for other BFFs in your life, but that thought is immediately squashed when you mentally place each candidate next to your main chick. Sorry, not sorry.

6. You Randomly Laugh About Something Ya'll Once Did

If you find yourself randomly laughing at something throughout the day, chances are, it stems from your BFF. You've most likely known her for a long time, so you have a ton of great memories and inside jokes under your belt. Thinking about her never fails to make you smile.

7. You Make Them Join You Down Memory Lane


Sometimes, we can get super in our feelings when we think about the old times and things we used to do. You're always calling on your BFF when this happens. And maybe you can't go back to these times, but you'll both hilariously remember them in the same way.

A long distance BFF is a definite reminder that you can't shake the people meant to stay in your life. No matter the time, place, or distance in between, they have your back forever. You wouldn't have it any other way.