For The Truest Best Friends, Distance Makes No Difference

by Gigi Engle

Nothing can come between two best friends -- no person, place or thing.

It doesn't matter how far away your best friend is, she will always hold a special spot in your heart. One of you could be living on Mars and it would not hinder the bond you share.

My best friend and I have been living in two different states, hundreds of miles apart, for the last three years. We try to see each other as often as possible, but we go months without being able to connect face-to-face.

I talk to her more than I talk to some of my friends who live only a few minutes away. The truth is, miles can't shake something as sturdy as our friendship.

Best friends are there for each other no matter what. You'll be each other's number-one no matter how many new friends, new lovers, or new people come into your lives.

The two of you are constant -- that's the one thing you can always depend on. As you and your BFF know, for best friends, distance makes no difference in your relationship.

Even when she's far away, you still stay close.

For true best friends, state lines could never drive a wedge between your closeness. You still talk all day, every day. You may keep in touch via social media, phone calls and FaceTime, but you feel more connected to each other than to anyone else.

No matter how many miles apart, there is no space separating the two of you. She's still your closest friend.

Miles can only force weak friendships apart.

Only a fragile, weak, or half-hearted friendship would let a circumstance like a different area code destroy it.

You and your best friend have an impenetrable bond that could never be ripped apart. You may make new friends and form different social groups, but you're always going to be each other's number one sidekick.

You are both equally committed to each other and your friendship. You're far too invested in each other to ever be broken down. Long distance is not for the faint of heart.

When you're finally reunited, it's like no time has passed at all.

When you see each other, no matter how long it has been, it's like you saw each other just yesterday. There is never any awkwardness. There is no shy politeness.

It's like the two of you just pick up the story where you left off.

For true best friends, time cannot alter your relationship. You spend some time catching up, only to fall right back into the comfortable patterns you know so well.

It's wonderful to be around someone who can grow and change so much, but would never grow or change from your relationship.

Distance forces you to make the effort.

There is nothing that will test your character like a prolonged, indefinite separation from your better half. It shows you what's really important to you. It forces you to step up and make the effort to keep your friendship healthy and stable; otherwise, you allow the distance to take control.

For strong friendships, both parties put in the energy, time and dedication to keep the relationship alive. The two of you constantly talk, incessantly text and always keep each other up-to-date on your lives.

Despite not ever meeting half the people your best friend is referring to, you still feel like you know them. You care about these people because she cares about them.

Love knows no boundaries.

Love permeates all things; it seeps into your soul.

Something as finite as a difference in location could never keep love out. You love your best friend; nothing could keep you apart.

Long-distance friendship is just as strong as any other; it's about the two people involved in that friendship. Where there is love, there is always a way.

You grow independently, but together.

Being apart can be beneficial to a friendship because you're forced to build your lives separate from each other. It allows you to be your own person. You don't have your best friend to hide behind when situations get tough. You have to build up your character.

Your separation will only make your friendship stronger because the two of you are such mighty, incredible individuals on your own, and together, you are a force to be reckoned with.

You complement each other in all of the best possible ways.

When you're together, you focus on what's important.

You know you have to make the most out of the small pockets of time you get to spend together. You do everything you can to maximize having fun.

You don't focus on the negative. You don't fight because you're so wrapped up in the excitement of being reunited.

The distance makes your friendship better because there is no antagonism or malice. There is just happiness, joy and love. You keep each other on that pedestal, high above your other friends.

She'll always be there to support you when everything falls apart.

When you feel like you have no friends where you live, she's always going to be there for you. You have an automatic leg up on everyone else. No matter how bad things get, she's the one you can go to.

She'll stay up all night on the phone with you when you've had your heart broken, or when you miss out on that great opportunity at work. She isn't going to sit by and allow you to suffer through trying times alone, despite the physical solitude apart from one another.

A true best friend is present, even when she's not.

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