9 Things You Subconsciously Share With Your Best Friend Forever


Your best friend forever is “your person," which means they basically know you on the same level you know yourself.

A bestie typically picks up on little things you didn't even know you were doing. Actually, you're probably subconsciously giving your bestie info at this very moment.

You don't have to physically say or do anything; she just knows.

You think you're sharing so much with your best friend already, but here are nine things you subconsciously share with her on a daily basis.

1. Major SOS Looks

You can tell when your friend needs help just by the look on her face.

If you're out at a bar, and you see your friend talking to a guy she's not into, you can totally be a superhero and swoop in to the save the day at the perfect moment.

2. When You're Crushing

Alexis Brown/Unsplash

You could be totally lying to yourself, but your friend can see right through you. When you're crushing hard on someone, and trying to keep that poker face going strong, you're certainly not fooling your bestie.

She knows your flirting techniques, and before you ever confess your true feelings, she's already two steps ahead trying to be the best wing woman.

3. When She Makes Your Entire Day

No matter how well your day went so far, the moment you see your best friend forever, it's instantly made.

She doesn't have to do anything at all; just being there gives you an endless amount of joy. And that's something no one can put a price tag on.

4. When You're Going Through A Rough Time

Xavier Sotomayor/Unsplash

You may be putting on a brave face like nothing's wrong, but your bestie can always tell when something is bothering you.

That forced smile is not pulling the wool over her eyes, and she will be there to try and help in any way she can.

5. How You Feel About Other People

Your best friend will most likely like who you like, and she will hate who you hate. Even if you don't outwardly say anything, she can sense it.

There's no denying she will always have your back. Her enemies are your enemies, and vice versa.

6. An Endless Amount Of Comfort

I can always be 100 percent comfortable with my best friend. There's no fake persona I have to put on when I'm around her.

When I'm at a party out of my element, when my BFF shows up, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. All she has to do is walk into the room, and I feel completely at home.

7. Your Sense Of Humor

Katie Treadway/Unsplash

You share each other's sense of humor. You can make each other laugh, and you find the same things amusing.

You have inside jokes no one else will get, and you both can start laughing at the same time about literally nothing.

8. Honest Answers

Even when you're not being totally honest with yourself, your friend can understand the truth.

If you're asking for her opinion, and she tries to tell you something she thinks you want to hear, you can totally tell what she really means.

9. Your Complete Support

You know you're always supported by your best friend. Even when you're making a terrible decision, she is right by your side cheering you on.

She has your back, regardless. You two could be stepping into a huge mistake, but luckily, you're stepping into it together.

Your best friend is someone who literally is your other half. That's priceless.