20 Things You Can Only Count On 'Your Person' For In Your 20s

by Alexa Mellardo

“Your person” is the PB to your J. She's your other half.

She complements you in more ways than one, and you wouldn't be able to cope without her.

Like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang in "Grey's Anatomy," you cherish the irreplaceable bond you have with your best friend because there's no other person who could ever compare.

There are so many incredible Meredith and Cristina moments that evoke the "HALLE-freaking-LUJAH" feels in everyone blessed with a "person."


Here are the 20 things you can only count on “your person” for in your 20s.

1. She's your go-to gal to model date night outfits for. She gives her brutally honest opinion if she thinks the dress you picked out is trash.

2. She's there for you with a bag of unhealthy sweets, vodka, tequila and wine when you're going through the worst breakup.

3. She tells you what's good when you have lipstick on your teeth… or when you need a breath mint.

4. She's the only one who knows what to do to get you out of a funk. She's also the only one you'll listen to.

5. She keeps your deepest, darkest secrets safely tucked away with her own. She would never even think about spilling the beans: Your secrets are her secrets.

6. She's totally fine with watching movies in bed and ordering Chinese food on a Saturday night when you don't want to go out.

7. You're always on the same page when you want to skip the gym and get froyo instead. Pulling the cake batter lever five times burns calories, right?

8. She parties like there's no tomorrow when you want to turn up at the club for your birthday.


9. She puts you in check when she thinks you're wrong about something.

10. She will defend you until the end if someone tries to throw you under the bus. Don't mess TF with her... She's “your person,” for crying out loud.

11. She's the best listener when you need to vent about your jerk boss or the asshole who played you.

12. She has no problem telling you the guy you're seeing is the biggest tool in the shed.

13. She'll tell you when your new haircut looks ratchet AF. She also knows when you're lying about shaving your legs.

14. She always figures a way out of the things you don't want to do.

15. She knows that look you give her (all too well) when you need to be rescued from a creeper at the bar.

16. She's the best wingwoman around, no questions asked.

17. She gives you your confidence back when you're feeling insecure.

18. She will ruin any man who breaks your heart. He will certainly feel her WRATH.

19. She goes to family events with you. She'll even drag you to the ones you don't want to go to. Because obviously.

20. She always understands what you're saying, even if it's complete gibberish to someone else.


If you're lucky enough to have a spectacular "person" in your life like Meredith and Cristina do, you know your other half is a keeper until the end.