8 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Describe You And Your BFF This Summer

Kendra Kamp/Unsplash

Most of us can't help but daydream about making our mark this summer with our best friends by our side.

As we stare at the sun beating down on the office window, we think about all of the epic plans and trips we want to cross off of our bucket lists this season.

Whether you're throwing awesome pool parties and backyard barbecues, or embarking on a road trip across the country, you know your BFF will be there for it all.

So, while you're lounging out by the pool sipping on a margarita, you can send these eight memes to your BFF to show her just how perfect you two are together.

1. You'll Never Underestimate The Importance Of Wine

You both understand how important wine o'clock is to your summer... and literally every day of the year.

2. You'll Snap The Best Angles For Your Summer Pics

It's clear you and your bestie will be taking a lot of Instagram pics this summer. You both know the ultimate angles and moments to capture.

3. You'll Both Be Soaking Up The Sun Until It Sets

You and your bestie are all about rotating your towels to soak up some great rays.

4. You'll Make An Appearance At Every Single Party Together

Any party you go to this summer just won't be the same until your BFF shows up.

5. You'll Be Sad AF When Your BFF Goes On Vacation Without You

You'll just be over here patiently awaiting your best friend's return and living vicariously through all of her Instagram stories. You feel the FOMO.

6. You'll Party Way Too Hard On The Weekend

She's your BFF, and you'll follow her to any party, even when you'd rather be relaxing on the couch.

7. You Have Been Patiently Waiting For Summer All Year

Since last fall, you both have been waiting for summer to come back. Now that summer's here, it's your time to live it up.

8. Oh, And This Is What You'll Really Be Doing Together

You both can have an epic summer to remember, even if you're not going anywhere. A nice relaxing day together and whipping up some milkshakes works just as fine... and no one has to know otherwise.