11 Inspirational Wine Quotes You Should Live Life By In Your 20s

by Alexa Mellardo

For many of us, a fine glass of pinot noir (and maybe some chocolate on the side) can solve just about any problem.

Wine is there to comfort us after a long, grueling day at the office.

It's there when we're ready to get lit for a prime girls' night out. And you just know it deserves a quality spot on the couch with you while you watch The Bachelorette.

In honor of wine o'clock (which, if you ask me, refers to all hours of the day in the summer), here are 11 motivational wine quotes we should all live life by in our 20s.

Plus, if you're all about that #WineWednesday life (who isn't?), these quotes can definitely make for some awesome Instagram captions.

1. “Wine is like duct tape. It fixes everything.” — Unknown

Cherish Bryck

Obviously, this quote belongs at the top of the list, because we all know life can be stressful AF sometimes.

2. "What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.” — Diogenes


Because we're all about saving in the bank.

3. “I make wine disappear, what's your superpower?” — Unknown


What a divine superpower to have, amirite?

4. “You can't buy happiness, but you can buy wine and that's kind of the same thing.” — Unknown

Simone Becchetti

And it only gets better by the glass, especially when you have awesome company sipping along with you.

5. “I'm like a fine wine. I get better with age. The best is yet to come.” — Richelle Mead

Jayme Burrows

Pour another glass, and let the positive vibes roll.

6. “The only thing I throwback on Thursdays is a glass of wine.” — Unknown


Preach. #TBT at its finest.

7. “Staying forever young involves lots more wine.” — Unknown

Jayme Burrows

Some say wine itself is the fountain of youth, so drink up, baby.

8. “Wine a little, laugh a lot.” — Unknown


Because adulting is just way too overrated sometimes.

9. “Wine! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.” — Unknown

Stephen Morris

I mean, I have nothing against arugula, but wine trumps all.

10. "When life gives you lemons, sell them to buy wine." — Unknown

Javier Pardina

Because, priorities.

11. "Sure your prince will come, but just in case, there's wine and chocolate." — Unknown

Comedy Central

Overall, wine is love, and wine is life. And just to be perfectly clear, Andre Simon said it best: "Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized."