6 Things You Shouldn't Wait A Lifetime For In Order To Be Truly Happy

by Alexa Mellardo

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Even the little things in life make sense to cross off your to-do list. All of us have pushed to get things done during the week, like laundry and errands, so we could free up more time to live it up on the weekend.

On a grander scale, life happens.

We procrastinate, and we do put things off until tomorrow. Sometimes, we sit and wait around for life to happen, rather than going out and making our lives happen.

Let me clue you in on a little something: You deserve much more than waiting around for anyone or anything to rock your world.


Life's too short, and it waits around for no one. Keep on moving and doing YOU, or life will pass you by in the blink of an eye.

These are the six things you should never wait a lifetime for, in order to be truly happy:

1. Finding Your Forever Person

Trinette Reed

Sometimes, people worry they're too young to commit. They fear giving their heart and soul to someone too soon in life. There's a lot else out there to explore first, right?

But without risk, there is no reward. The sooner you get past your fears, the more time you have to grow in love.

If you know someone's your soulmate, don't wait forever to give that relationship all you have.

Other times, though, people are so fixated on finding “the one” in their 20s, they don't think about much else.

As much as someone might be scared of commitment, another person shouldn't be afraid of being single and embracing “me time.”

You don't need someone else to define who you are.

I'm a firm believer in things happening when you least expect them to... because it's TRUE.

Sitting, chilling and waiting around for Mr. Right to casually fall from the sky will get you nowhere fast. You'll be stuck in neutral, and that's a pretty drab place to be.

The good things in life just don't happen when you think they will... and that's what makes them so special.

2. Landing Your Dream Job


There's probably never a prime time to take that financial risk of embracing the dream job you're passionate about.

When you think about it, the younger you are, the more time you have to make things work. And why not chase your dreams early on in life, so you can live them out forever?

If you wait to embrace your dreams when you have enough money saved up in the bank, two things can potentially go down: You may not have enough time left to build your dream, or you'll have even less time to enjoy it.

3. Traveling Through Your Bucket List


Traveling is the one thing you can spend money on that will create enough memories to last a lifetime.

The destinations on your bucket list may not even be as out of reach financially as you may think, so live it up and bring on the adventure.

Whether it's riding a hot air balloon in Turkey, paragliding in Switzerland or snowshoeing in Colorado, what the heck are you waiting for?

4. Buying Your Dream Home, Or Packing Up And Moving To Your Dream City

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You don't need to wait until you meet “the one” to buy your dream home. In fact, doesn't it make a lot more sense to move to your dream city and meet Mr. Right there?

You also shouldn't depend on friends to move with you in order to actually make that move.

We only have one shot at this thing called life, so why not make the most of it? If you've always dreamed of moving across the country to California, go for it.

When it comes to your happiness, you can't wait around and depend on other people to make it happen for you. You'll be sitting in that damn airport terminal forever, watching the planes come and go, but never actually getting on one.

5. Repairing Broken Bridges In Relationships

Lauren Naefe

It's not uncommon to have a relationship that's stressed or compromised. Whether it's with a parent, friend, sibling or someone else in your life, if the relationship is bothering you, it's important to address it before it consumes you.

Any toxic relationship has the potential to get the best of you. It will wear you down until you have nothing left to give.

It's difficult – but extremely necessary – to decide whether that particular relationship is worth mending, or whether it's time to walk away and leave the past in the past.

6. Taking Care Of Medical Issues

Don't ever put off any sort of health issue. Whether you need surgery, therapy, nutrition advice or something else, fixing the smallest thing can make a massive difference.

So, there's really no time to waste.

We have no idea what the future holds for any of us; we're in charge of creating our own happiness.

There are some things we cannot control, so we're doing ourselves a massive favor by focusing on what we do have control of.

There's no time like the present to surround yourself with the things that will give you optimum happiness. You're in charge of making your life what it is... so keep on cruising.