Your New Bucket List: 12 Places To Visit For Each Month Of The Year

by Julian Baet

With an old year departing and a new one arriving, it's the perfect time to reflect on old memories and dwell on creating new ones.

The recent release of TripAdvisor’s list of "on the rise" destinations for 2016 is a prime example of considering new places to explore in the new year.

But with wild climates and massive crowds, it's hard to tell when it is timely to cross these places off your bucket list.

The world is surrounded with beauty all-year-round, so be sure to venture out and not miss a second of it.

For those travelers who have a lust for wander every month of the year, here are some suggestions:

1. January: New York City, USA

A sight or event to consider: Ball drop in Times Square

Ring in the new year with thousands of strangers by witnessing the famous ball drop in Times Square.

The event is guaranteed to invite excitement and mayhem, so why not start off the year with a bang?

With a low of 23 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures are known to drop below freezing in the winters.

However, hotel prices drop with the weather. This typically becomes an advantage for those traveling on a budget.

2. February: Venice, Italy

A sight or event to consider: Carnevale

February is the month of romance, and there is no better way to romanticize your travels than with the annual Carnevale festival.

Before the start of the Christian tradition of Lent, people come from all over the world doll up with Venetian masks and elegant costumes.

This exuberant event is scheduled to start on January 23, and last until February 9 for the 2016 year.

Gather around Piazza San Marco to celebrate this public masquerade.

If you so desire, pick up a mask for yourself from a local vendor.

Be sure to buy one that will match your coat. Temperatures in Venice are only as high as 46 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.

3. March: Big Island Hawaii, USA

A sight or event to consider: Mauna Kea

Enjoy spring a little early by visiting the paradisiacal big island of Hawaii.

The area is more than 4,000 square miles, and is the largest of Hawaii’s eight main islands. Temperatures in the state are constantly warm and beautiful, with highs of 79 degrees Fahrenheit in the month of March.

Though it is warm at sea level, temperatures decrease to as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit when ascending the heights of the Mauna Kea observatory.

The peak of the dormant volcano is at more than 13,000 feet, and is the highest in the state of Hawaii.

Day trips are offered if you wish to climb to the summit.

For those who solely wish to glorify the beauty of the volcano, they can stop at the visitor’s station and gaze at a sky abundant with stars.

4. April: Hirosaki, Japan

A sight or event to consider: Hanami, or the cherry blossom festival

The rejuvenation of spring is best accompanied by the blooming of the cherry blossoms (also known as sakura).

Japan is known for hanami from late April to early May, which is the flowering season of these dainty pink flowers.

To get the best of Japanese culture and hanami during your stay, take a stroll around Hirosaki Castle in Hirosaki City.

Enveloped by cherry blossom trees, the park may as well be considered a forest of sakura. Within the depths of the forest is an ancient Japanese castle that was built by the Tsugaru family.

The castle is accessible by a red Shunyo bridge that crosses the moat, which may be covered by a blanket of sakura petals during the season.

Temperatures in the Aomori region can escalate to a high of 53 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a slight sign of warmth for the oncoming season.

5. May: Athens, Greece

A sight or event to consider: Acropolis

The crowds are known to rise like the temperature during the summer.

Just before the Greek sun blazes down with heat, enjoy only subtle rays of warmth and a city to yourself.

The Acropolis (meaning “edge of the city”) is the home of the famous Parthenon temple, making it a popular center for Greek culture. However, the breathtaking view from the ascent is a reminder that this point is the literal edge of the city.

6. June: Majorca, Spain

A sight or event to consider: Puerto de Soller

Starting off the summer at an island surrounded by sea and sand is a bit clichéd, but welcoming the season on a Spanish beach is the best way to go.

The island of Majorca experiences temperatures up to 79 degrees Fahrenheit this month, which is ideal for those who wish to take a bath in the sun.

Puerto de Soller is a harbor, where one is given the option to swim in the waves of the Balearic Sea or take a tram down the promenade and explore the coastal town.

It doesn’t matter if your interests lie in the sand or the streets.

Majorca is a paradise that allows for both.

7. July: Stockholm, Sweden

A sight or event to consider: Gamla Stan

If -- for some reason -- you wish to take a break from the sand and sun, travel up north to the Scandinavian region.

Here, the warmest temperatures barely break 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gamla Stan -- the old town -- was the foundation of Stockholm when it was built in 1252.

Though the streets of the old town are antique, they are rich with Swedish culture and history. One of Stockholm’s most famous landmarks, the Royal Palace, is even located in the heart of Gamla Stan.

Instead of soaking in rays this summer, soak in the tranquility of a rustic town and venture the depths of its cobblestoned streets.

8. August: Reykjavik, Iceland

A sight or event to consider: Golden Circle

The warmest and longest days in Iceland start in June and end in August.

Though “warm” is considered to be only 50 degrees Fahrenheit, Icelandic summers allow for almost 24 hours of sunlight a day.

This allows for a fuller day of tourism. There are more sights to see and more activities to do.

A good way to experience Iceland is to take a drive around the Golden Circle. For almost 200 miles, one can stop at a huge range of landmarks such as Geysir (hot spring), Gullfoss (waterfall) and Pingvellir (national park).

If you only have one day to see Iceland, never fear. With the majestic nature of the Golden Circle, one day is all you need.

9. September: Munich, Germany

A sight or event to consider: Oktoberfest

The tradition of Oktoberfest was started on October 12th, 1810, with the celebration of the marriage between Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.

The festivities were moved to September as years went by so that guests could enjoy the outdoor events on warmer nights.

Ever since then, the festival has grown to become the largest festival in the world. More than 6 million visitors join together to drink more than 6 million liters of beer.

It is a joyous occasion that celebrates the farewell to summer and the huge "hallo" to autumn.

10. October: Rome, Italy

A sight or event to consider: Trevi Fountain

Crowds disperse and temperatures drop to an average of 64 degrees Fahrenheit at this time, allowing for a cool stroll around the ancient Italian city.

Make sure to stop at the Trevi Fountain, which is the biggest baroque fountain in the world, and also an essential landmark in the heart of Rome.

A famous tradition for visitors is tossing three coins with their backs facing the fountain. This is because according to legend, the coins are a visitor's ticket back to Rome.

It is said more than 700,000 euros are tossed into the Trevi Fountain each year, which may be a reason why many return to this charismatic city.

11. November: Sydney, Australia

A sight or event to consider: Taronga Zoo

Mix up your autumn with a little spring by crossing the equator and heading to Sydney.

November is considered the low season to visit, with a high of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Instead of visiting with the crowds, make some friends with the animals at Taronga Zoo.

With exclusive Australian animals such as Tasmanian devils, Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo and, of course, koalas, the exclusive wildlife culture guarantees an authentic Australian experience.

12. December: Berlin, Germany

A sight or event to consider: Christmas markets

Germany is home to many cities and towns that offer Christmas markets.

As its capital, Berlin hosts one of the largest Christmas markets in the country.

Tents and stands crowd the city, offering anything and everything to enhance your holiday. Feel the frost on your cheeks while admiring the sparkle of glass angels.

Warm up your stroll while sipping a cup of hot wine or nibbling the delicacy of a Nutella crepe.

Most of all, celebrate the end of a well-spent year by basking in the holiday spirit.

To travelers and nomads everywhere, a happy new year to you.