8 Annoying Things Newlyweds Inevitably Get Asked In The Summer

Eric Alves/Unsplash

Newlyweds know all too well there are such things as stupid questions.

I'm not sure what becomes triggered in everyone else's head once they hear a couple say "I do," but the questions they feel they need to ask are totally ridiculous.

A couple is simply trying to form their life together, without any unneeded, overbearing questions trying to cramp on their plans.

Because summer is more of a season for idle times, newlyweds are likely to come into contact with their social circles a bit more and will inevitably get asked many irksome questions.

1. "When are you going to start having kids?"

Please stop asking couples about their baby-having plans. It's played out, and it's super annoying and beyond intrusive.

Where is it written that married couples immediately have to start throwing kids into the mix after they tie the knot?

We're just getting started on our own darn mix. So, let us stir in peace.

2. "Why didn't you honeymoon in (enter crazy expensive destination here)?"

This one seems sort of innocent, but not only is recommending a different honeymoon option rude, but some couples probably still didn't even go on their honeymoon yet.

Thanks for adding insult to injury.

3. "You two aren't spending all of your summer indoors, right?"

This is usually accompanied with a wink and a not-so-sly elbow nudge.

Stop assuming and asking newlyweds about their sex life. It's awkward as hell, and makes everyone feel totally uncomfortable.

4. "Have you watched (enter stereotypical couple flick here) together yet?"

Look, newlyweds have all of their lives to watch sappy films together.

Summer is full of idle moments, but maybe they're spending that time to bond in other ways. Or, they're busy AF answering unsolicited questions.

5. "It's summer, so why can't we see you more often?"

Well, for starters, we just got finished combining two lives into one, and we're getting into our own routine.

I'm not sure why people think newlyweds all of a sudden have incredible amounts of free time right after the wedding.

6. "You love your summer sangria, but should you really be drinking?"

Another sly attempt to assume that they think you're immediately in the baby-making phase already.

Nice try, but we will be drinking this summer sangria right on down with you. Cheers.

7. "Are you tired of each other yet?"

Maybe this is just a joke, but it's flat out weird to even ask.

8. "Are you sure that's seasickness?"

Stop it. We are not pregnant!

This may sound silly, but that's just the way people are with newlyweds in the summertime. Newlyweds have enough on their plate, so stop force-feeding them these wild questions, please.