29 SZA Lyrics To Make Your Next Instagram Caption Way Better


If you're not already on the SZA train, you're about to be. SZA is an R&B favorite, and for good reason. And before you ask, no, her real name isn't SZA -- it's Solána Imani Rowe, and she takes on SZA as her stage name. She came out with her debut EP, called See.SZA.Run, back in Oct. 2012, and has been slaying the game ever since then. Her newest album, titled CTRL, features hot artists like Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott. So, it's about that time to start putting together a list of SZA lyrics for captions, because her words are about to make your next Instagram post seriously iconic.

Sometimes, it takes something a little extra special to give your already awesome picture some additional flair that sets it apart from the rest. If you're stumped on how to do that, I'll let you in on a little secret -- your Instagram caption can make a world of a difference. Trust me, you can't go wrong, especially with some SZA lyrics. Having a night out with the girls? Got a killer outfit that requires a selfie? It sounds like you need an SZA lyric caption in your life, and you need it ASAP.

It's time we appreciate all of the SZA lyrics we have readily available for our captions. Here are 35 of the best ones to up your Instagram game. Get ready to slay with SZA.

1. "Promise I won't cry over spilled milk." 

2. "I'm never going back, never going back, you can't make me." 

3. "I've paid enough of petty news, I've heard enough of shitty news." 

4. "It made me feel good for temporary love, you was a temporary lover." 

5. "Can't beat em just join the party." 

6. "Acting like we wasn't more than a summer fling, I said farewell, you took it well." 

7. "How you ain't say you was movin' forward? Honesty hurts when you're gettin' older." 

8. "All that I've got, pieces and pages." 

9. "Still we keep it low, keep 'em all on that need to know." 


10. "I could be your supermodel if you believe, if you see it in me."

11. "But I need you, I need you, I need you." 

12. "Got a shift a 10 a.m., got a dip at 10 p.m., gotta get that cash." 

13. "Why you bother me when you know you don't want me?"

14. "Why I can't stay alone just by myself? Wish I was comfortable just with myself." 


15. "How could it be? 20 something, all alone still, not a thing in my name." 

16. "Why you ain't ever let me grow?" 

17. "Stuck in them 20 somethings, stuck in them 20 somethings."

18. "Waves crashing fast I try, think of the past, please stay. "

19. "And if it's an illusion, I don't wanna wake up. I'm gonna hang on to it." 

20. "Tell everybody that we're just friends, but to be honest that platonic shit's for TV shows." 

21. "All I got is these broken clocks, I ain't got no time, just burning daylight." 

22. "Maybe I should kill my inhibition, maybe I'll perfect in a new dimension. "


23. "Down for the ride, down for the ride, you could take me anywhere."

24. "Need you for the old me, need you for my sanity, need you to remind me where I come from."

25. "But memories keep coming back, all the nights that we used to laugh."

26. "Promise to get a little better as I get older and you're so patient and sick of waitin', promise to do better."

27. "Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?"

28. "Love me even if it rain, love me even if it pain you."

29. "Only write rhythm to the tardiest of tempos, only ride shotgun when the car is a limo."