9 Secrets You And Your Sister Inevitably Keep From Your Parents

Seth Doyle/Unsplash

Your sister will always be your closest confidant.

While you're growing up, you begin to realize you're both in the same boat. It's your job to stay afloat, which means keeping some secrets from your parents.

Parents are awesome (duh), but you have to admit they're better off not hearing everything that has happened in your life.

You may feel as though you have to keep a certain image for your parents and keep your sanity by confessing everything they don't need to know, to your sister.

If you're lucky enough to have an awesome sister, chances are you've kept a few of these secrets away from your parents' ears.

1. Those Partied-Way-Too-Hard Nights

Clearly, your parents know you drink, but they don't need to know the details about any blackouts or hilarious events that happened on those nights you partied so hard in college. Your sister, though? She's all ears.

2. Your Sex Life

I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but hell no do my parents need to know about this. It's just awkward as heck. Besides, a sister will actually understand the dating age and phase you're in.

3. Taking The Car Without Permission

Look, nothing happened, and it was a joyous memory that probably scared the living crap out of you. That's your punishment.

4. Anytime Either Of You Wanted To Sneak Out

It happens. It's the little rebellious things we did as a kid and it's seriously hilarious now.

5. Sneaking Someone Into The House

Can anyone say teamwork skills? Put that on your resume.

6. Dating Someone Your Parents Disapprove Of

While parents are often right, you know a little bit more about what you're looking for in your dating life. So, you go for it and have your sister there to vent to about the tension of dating someone your parents don't approve of.

7. Missing Curfew

Look, clocks are out to get you anyways. Sometimes, you can't put a time limit on some innocent (and maybe not-so-innocent) fun.

8. Any Close Calls With Law Enforcement

Kristina Flour/ Unsplash

Were you ever caught speeding, but got a free pass? Or had police knock on your door for a noise complaint? Those are minor and there's probably no need to worry your parents over it. But, your sister will definitely want to know all of the details.

9. What Really Happened To That [Enter Broken Item Here]

Yes, you both still blame that made-up ghost from the burial ground under your house for knocking over that expensive vase. It had absolutely nothing to do with your re-enactment of the choreography from *NSYNC's music video for "Bye, Bye, Bye."

Having a relentless friend is one thing, but having a devoted sister is everything.