Here's How Yoga Can Help You Have The Best Sex Of Your Life

by Camille Theobald

Have you ever thought about why the infamous and ancient text about love and sex, "The Kama Sutra," has similarities to "The Yoga Sutra"?

Of course, part of it is because they were written around same time in Sanskrit under Hindu law, but they also have a number of great positions to help you experience a more pleasurable sex life.

You may be thinking, “There is nothing sexy about standing on your head.”

Yes, most yoga positions themselves aren't very erotic, but practicing them regularly can up your game under the covers.

Here's how:

1. Yoga strengthens the right muscles.

In general, working out helps you increase endurance and strength, but yoga has some very specific poses that can help women have more powerful orgasms.

For women, having a strong core and Kegel muscles can make a huge difference in the intensity or simply the ability to orgasm.

If you're doing yoga correctly, you're using every muscle in your entire body, which means at least 30 minutes of Kegels.

Specifically, positions like cat-cow, bridge and headstand can help you strengthen your core and Kegel muscles.

For men wanting to keep up the energy in the bedroom, you should try practicing plank, downward-facing dog and chaturanga to strengthen your core, shoulders, arms and legs.

Doing those positions over and over for an hour will get you into awesome sex shape.

Everyone can benefit from better balance, especially for a bit of shower action.

Standing poses such as warrior III, tree and chair strengthen leg, core and pelvic muscles.

Who doesn't want a strong pelvis?

2. Yoga increases flexibility.

I don't have to explain much here because we all know being flexible is sexy.

Flexibility isn't just convenient for exploration. It also helps prevent you from pulling something and hurting yourself.

Pulling your groin in the middle of sex is the last thing anyone wants. So, strengthen and stretch it out!

3. Yoga can increase your libido.

Sometimes, it just takes a little blood flow to increase your desire for that bump and grind.

There are many amazing yoga poses that increase circulation, specifically in the pelvic region.

And where there is blood flow, there is more energy and vitality.

A few positions to get into the mood are eagle pose (which is in "The Kama Sutra" as well), bound angle pose, pigeon pose and wide-leg splits.

4. Yoga relieves stress and helps you stay in the moment.

The number one boner killer, especially for women, is stress.

There is no way I can enjoy getting it on with my boyfriend if I'm thinking about work.

According to sexologist relationship expert Dr. Jess O'Reilly,  stress not only takes you out of the moment, but it also causes a negative chemical reaction:

The complex process of chemical reactions in the body that precipitates orgasm can be hindered by the stress hormone, cortisol, so reducing stress can be more important than communication and intimacy to a satisfying sex life.

Studies have shown that regular yoga practice decreases stress, anxiety and even depression.

When you are feeling happy about life, you are more likely to enjoy your time between the sheets.

The number one goal in yoga is to stay present in order to achieve inner and outer peace.

Practicing this regularly will make you a pro at turning off all that chatter in your mind when it comes time to focus on your partner.

5. Yoga gives you confidence.

When you put time and effort into keeping up a healthy body, you'll be proud of the work you put into it!

Studies have shown that working out boosts confidence not only in our physical appearance, but also in our ability to try new things.

Practicing yoga regularly strengthens muscles, calms your mind and makes you super bendy.

What's not to love about that, especially in the bedroom?