30 Things Only Your Sister Knows About You That Make Her Your Best Friend

by Elite Daily Staff

We always talk about how your best friend is the sister you never had, but what about how your sister is the absolute truest best friend you never had? She’s the one who really loves you unconditionally, who would never threaten to cut you out of her life, and whose allegiance is always yours.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a sister, you know that she’s the one person who genuinely understands who you are, where you’ve come from and how you got to be you -- and that’s a special connection that only siblings can possess.

You can be mean to her when you’re having a crappy day and she’ll know how to handle it. Your sister is the best friend who still remains even when you lose touch with former acquaintances. You might not speak every day, but you always know she’s there.

There are a million secrets you share with her that you don’t share with anyone else. Here are the 30 super special things your sister knows about you that no one else does.

1. All the trouble you got into high school that your parents never found out about.

In fact, she’s probably the one who introduced you to most of it (which is exactly why mom and dad will have no idea what really went down the one night they left town).

2. The boyfriends you never actually had or confessed to having.

No one, but no one, will ever find out about your secret crush on your shamefully good-looking second cousin... except your sister. And -- thanks to her incessant incest jokes -- she won’t let you live it down either.

3. Where your irrational fear of ____ came from.

She vividly remembers playing a group game of hide’n’seek and never going to find you. Now you can thank her for your ridiculous fear of closets.

4. What you’re really allergic to.

No, not wanting to eat carbs doesn’t count as gluten-free.

5. The passions you want to pursue but will never say aloud.

She’ll even go the extra mile and encourage you to go after all you desire. And regardless if you fail or succeed, she’ll be the first person to support your rise back up.

6. Your ugly crying face.

Your sister has witnessed those out-of-control temper-tantrums that you are oh-so-fond-of, but wouldn’t dare commit in public.

She was there for the blow out fights with your parents, the rejection letter from your first choice college and the time you broke your arm. She knows what an ugly cry looks like and it ain’t pretty.

7. What you really think about your other family members.

It’s family code not to speak ill of them to anyone outside the family. Luckily, you and your sister feel the exact same way about your bratty niece. And you both don’t care that she’s only 7.

8. The contents of your closet... and how much of it actually belongs to her.

Don’t worry, she’s keeping a close inventory and will likely barter for an outfit on date night.

9. How embarrassing your parents can be.

No one quite understands how humiliating your parents like your sister does. For this reason, she’s great at protecting you from their embarrassment when you bring your new boyfriend over for dinner.

10. How weird you are.

All the crazy is laid out on the table since birth. There’s no holding back on your absolute weirdness, especially when you two are together. It actually makes people stare.

11. What you want for your birthday.

She nails it every time, if only because you’re not afraid to tell her exactly what it is your after (hint hint Beyoncé “On the Run” tickets hint hint).

12. What you want your wedding to look like.

You two have exchanged wedding fantasies since you were old enough to rip out magazine pages. Now you just have secret Pinterest boards that you only share with each other.

13. Your full potential.

She knows what you’re capable of and when you’re selling yourself short. And she’s the only one who will give you the tough love you need to push yourself to do better.

14. Where you hid your diary.

She’s been reading it since middle school.

15. The lengths you’ll go to impress her and her friends.

Especially if you’re the younger sibling, you know this phenomenon all too well. Like the time you dressed up as Whitney Houston (totally sober) and danced (poorly) around the house, all for your sister’s friends’ entertainment.

16. Your brief stint with IBS.

She was there the day it struck you while pumpkin picking. She knows why you’ll never go on a hay ride again.

17. How much you really drink on family holidays.

Let’s just say it’s more than a glass of grapefruit juice…

18. Your true hair color.

Thank goodness because you weren’t too sure of it yourself!

19. All the people you secretly hate but are nice to anyway.

Like your terrible family friends who always force their kids on you and never bring decent dessert.

20. What button to push.

You love her, but your sister is no saint. She likes to mess around with your head, get you angry and then dial-it back at your breaking point. What are sisters for after all?

21. What went down on family vacation.

She’s privy to all of your scandals. And that’s all we’re going to say about that…

22. Your real height and weight.

She’s been sitting in the same doctor’s room with you since you were born. There’s no hiding the fact that you’ll be 5’4” for the rest of your life. The one comfort? She probably will be too. Gotta love those family genes!

23. When you’re feeling anxious or insecure.

Despite your best attempts to put on a fake smile, she can tell when you’re not being yourself. And best of all, she’s there to put you at ease when you need it most.

24. Whether that 3 am call is an actual emergency or drunk dial.

Call it that sisterly intuition, she can feel it too when you’re hurt or panicked.

25. The name of the blankie you’ve had since you were a newborn.

Your sister even knows the name of your imaginary friend, your oldest stuffed animal that you still sleep with and what you wanted to change your name to when you were going through your emo phase.

26. How to manipulate you into getting what she wants.

You think you’re onto her and then -- Boom! --- somehow you’re driving her and her drunk friends through the Burger King drive-thru at 4 am.

Or you’re giving her your favorite sweater that you swore she couldn’t have. Or you’re sharing your french fries that she said she wasn’t going to eat. But it’s okay, because her happiness is more important than your own.

27. Who broke your heart in middle school.

She’s the only one who appreciates it when you find him on Facebook and discover just how weird he turned out.

28. How you dented your first car the first time.

She knows about the second time, too.

29. What you were like the first time you tried alcohol...

...Because she was the one to clean it up.

30. How much you love her.

Only your sister knows how much you love her because she feels the same way about you.

Photo credit: Parent Trap