12 Memes That Are Literally You And Your Broke Best Friend This Summer

Ben White/Unsplash

Summer can be a pretty difficult season to navigate when you're broke AF.

You've been waiting and planning for summer adventures, but you totally forgot those epic plans cost money (that you don't actually have).

Fortunately, you have a best friend who's floating in the same boat, and you cling to each other in broke solidarity.

While you're watching other friends jet off to tropical vacations, or party it up until the wee hours of the morning, you and your bestie can find joy in sending each other these 12 hilarious memes that are literally the two of you.

Who said you needed cabana beach days and endless frozen margaritas? This summer, you and your BFF have each other... and you can't put a price tag on that.

1. When You're Chronically Hangry AF

Shoutout to Rolly in 101 Dalmations, who's adorable AF, and also always hungry.

2. When It's The Circle Of... Your Paycheck

When you guys do have a girl's night out on the town, your drink of choice is very much determined by how long ago you got paid.

3. When Someone Says, “FO' FREE”

Whenever someone says, "free," you and your bestie automatically come running. Lawd help whoever gets in your way.

4. When You Just Stop And Think About It

Your best friend can be the ultimate distraction. If you both just don't look at your bank account, who knows if you're actually still broke, right?

5. When You Laugh, Then Share A Solid Cry Together

There's nothing more therapeutic than a good cry with your BFF and some tissues by your side.

6. When You Haven't Heard That Name In Years

This meme makes me want to watch an old film noir. Who needs new summer blockbusters when you and your bestie can stream some free classics?

7. When You Recruit Your Bestie For Some Sleuthing

You can always count on your best friend to help you stop spending all of your money.

8. When You Only Want Some Damn Ice Cream

You both just want to cool off in the heatwave with your fave ice cream. Is that too much to ask?!

9. When You Find A Genius Way To Save Money

When you're both broke, you may have to decide what's more of a priority... and donuts and coffee come in clutch every single time.

10. When You Try To Figure Out Where Your Funds Actually Went

Maybe your best friend knows where all of your money went?

11. When You Help Your Girl Out

Being a great friend means helping them out in a dire crisis.

12. When Staying In Is The New Going Out

At least you have each other.

While everyone else is going out, you have your bestie to stay in and have just as much summer fun with... summer free fun, that is.