5 Ways To Have An Insta-Worthy Summer When You're Broke


As much fun as it is hitting up the bars throughout the summer, dropping cash on endless vodka sodas and Coronas can hurt like a total betch (in more ways than one).

Between spending money on booze and embarking on fun weekend getaways with the crew, your bank account will be feeling the pain before you know it.

If your future is looking broke AF this summer, don't fret. You don't have to empty your wallet to have a ton of fun with your friends.

Here are five ways to have a lit summer when you're broke, that will show everyone on Instagram you're having the freaking time of your life.

1. Soak up those beautiful rays in the yard with your girlfriends.

Jovana Rikalo

If you or one of your friends has a pool, or lives near a beach, even better.

Of course, this scenario won't be prime for the Instagram without having your main gal pals by your side. The squad will be looking super glam parked on a trendy picnic blanket with delicious homemade sangria and fruit kebabs in hand.

Heck, why not hit up the dollar store for pool floats and mason jars to add some more chic flair to the occasion?

2. Throw a limbo-luau pool party.

Jovana Rikalo

Everyone can contribute by bringing some side dishes and desserts, and the barbecue grill will be set up to sizzle some burgers and dogs. Margaritas and flamingo floaties are a must.

All you'll need to do is to get your DIY on and head to a local craft store for supplies. Cheap pineapple cups with lids and flower leis are always a great idea. Round up the squad to create a tropical backdrop for your own makeshift photo booth.

3. Have a campfire and outdoor movie night.

Bring on the boho vibes with lots of string lights, whimsical lanterns, fluffy pillows, and cozy blankets. If you decide to exclusively make the evening a girls' night, pick out some classic chick flicks to screen outside under the stars.

Let the fire pit glow, and don't forget the marshmallows (that would simply be sacrilegious).

4. Host a themed potluck brunch.

Everything you need to throw a proper tiki party this summer: — Tasting Table (@TastingTable) May 27, 2017

Choose a fun theme for your brunch, and run with it... from food to festive decor. Every guest can whip up something special that matches the theme.

A tiki party brunch is a great option if you want to get those tropical oasis vibes going. Set up a tiki bar for mimosas and pink lemonade, and add some giant beach balls and blow-up palm trees for the finishing touch.

5. Plan an affordable trip.

Whether it's a fun weekend road trip, or a prime Groupon deal to a dreamy destination, book it up. Establish a budget and itinerary that's doable for the whole squad, and stick to it.