Lifestyle — How To Pack For The Weekend In The Most Efficient Way Possible
by Isabella Roman

Mother Nature has been one confusing biotch this year.

At one moment, you think the warm weather is here to stay, but then, the next day, you have to dust off your jackets and bundle up. There is no denying the weather has been up and down this entire year so far. Although, May is coming to an end, and I can see the light at the end of this cold, rainy tunnel, and that light is… summer!

Summer means a lot of things to people: It means getting to drink on rooftops, breaking out those adorable dresses and taking quick weekend trips away to recharge.

Weekend trips are essential to having a great summer, but the packing part can be a daunting task. In this video, we show you some quick and easy tips to make packing for these getaways much easier.

I bet you've never thought of rolling your socks, bras and underwear into your shoes! This will save you some crucial space to fill with souvenirs from your stay. Check out the video to see this trick in action, along with many more. Happy travels!

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