15 Sweet, Little Ways To Tell Your Best Friend You Love Her This Summer


It can be difficult to wind down and find alone time with your bestie during the extra busy summer months.

Especially if she's stressed, or going through a rough patch, it's extra important to find the time do something special just for her.

This may be quite a challenge, but you don't have to spend the whole summer planning something elaborate to show your BFF how much you love her.

Sometimes, the little things speak the loudest. Take a moment or two out of your schedule to make your bestie's day, and yours will feel a lot brighter, too.

Here are a few things you can do for your BFF to show her how special she truly is.

1. Write Her A Letter, Complete With Pretty Stamps

Letters used to be the go-to method for saying hello, but that died out quickly with the convenience of texting and the internet.

Taking the time to actually write out a beautiful letter is something a friend would truly appreciate. It's definitely worth the extra time... so hit up your local craft store and get your DIY on.

2. Plan A Dinner Date At Her Fave Restaurant

A dinner date with your BFF is a classic, inexpensive way to spend time together.

You can order your favorite takeout and eat at home, or have a fancy night out for a special occasion (or no occasion at all).

3. Give Her A Pep Talk From The Heart

Words are so simple and easy to give, but they mean so much.

Especially if your girl is having a tough time, a sweet pep talk can completely turn her day around.

4. Surprise Her With A Fun Day Trip


A trip to the beach or a train ride into the city is the perfect way to enjoy the summer weather together.

This idea will take a little extra planning on your part, but it's well worth the effort.

5. Have A Much-Needed Girl's Night

No matter what you do, spending some quality time together is a sure way to brighten her day (and yours, obviously).

The rules? No guys allowed, and phones put away... except for pictures, of course.

6. Comment On Her Selfies

Your BFF is gorgeous inside and out and you know it, so let her know it, too.

Not only will you be confessing your love for your bestie for all the world to see, but she'll also feel like a million bucks when she sees that notification on her phone.

7. Treat Her To A Mani-Pedi

Treat your bestie to a little something special to show her how much she means to you. Especially if she's been stressed or feeling down in the dumps, a little pampering never hurts.

8. Send Her A Colorful Postcard

If you and your main squeeze are separated this summer, even just for a few days, let her know you're thinking about her with a postcard.

They're cheap to buy, easy to write, and quick to send. What could be better?

9. Be The Most Comforting Shoulder To Cry On

The simplest thing you can do for your bestie is just to be there for her.

Actions speak so much louder than words.

10. Leave Her A Sweet Note

A little surprise can go a long way, so don't hesitate to do something special for your friend.

Write something sweet or funny on some sticky notes and leave them for her to find. It will be a fun surprise for her, and a rewarding experience for you.

11. Surprise Her At Work

If her work allows it, stopping by for a quick hello will be a nice surprise.

If not, you can pick her up from work and enjoy the summer weather together, even at night. It'll be a nice way for her to destress and enjoy being out with you.

12. Order Her Favorite Coffee


Are you really best friends if you don't know each other's coffee orders by heart?

13. Check Up On Her

Especially if she hasn't checked in since last weekend, it's probably a good idea to see how she's doing. Just letting her know you care how she is can make a world of difference.

14. Make Sure She Gets Home OK

After a night of fun, show her you love her by personally making sure that she gets home in one piece.

Call her an Uber, drive her yourself (if you're sober), or just check in via text to make sure everything is alright.

15. Just Tell Her How Much You Love Her

Being straightforward with those you love is never a bad idea.

Just let her know how much she means to you, and you're likely to hear the same from your BFF.