10 Ways Your Life Changes When Your Sister Goes Away To College


If you're the little sis in the family, you've most likely experienced your big sister move out of the nest first.

It's definitely weird transitioning from having your sister around all the time, to becoming the only child left. Even if she's only heading off to a local campus, it doesn't hide the fact that the house feels so much bigger.

When my sister left for her freshman year, it was the first time I really had a huge life adjustment. And as someone who doesn't do well with change, it really affected my daily routine.

Even if you're a bit more flexible with change than I am, you can't deny having your sister go off to college can be a tough experience.

Here are 10 ways your life will be different.

1. You're The Only Child

You went your entire life being able to share your home and your parents with your sister. You could easily hide when you needed a break from their laser beam focus, and let your sis take center stage. But not anymore.

Now, your parents constantly check in.

2. You Don't Have Your Go-To, Relatable Resource At Home

You no longer have someone at home to spill your secrets to. Sure, you still have your parents, but you don't have someone your own age who's your partner in crime.

You can't turn to your parents about relationship advice like you could with your big sis. They just wouldn't understand.

3. Holidays Become Even More Exciting

Christmas and summer vacation are always fun times, but now they're even more exciting because you know you'll be reunited with your sister.

You wait patiently by the door for her arrival (while low-key freaking out inside). She's better than any holiday gift you'll receive this year, because having your best friend home again is truly priceless.

4. You Don't Have To Share


You no longer have to share everything. Hallelujah! It's time ultimate time to be spoiled.

You get complete control over the TV remote, and get to watch all of your favorite shows whenever you please.

5. You're Less In The Know

You used to be able to get the lowdown on your sister's life on the way home from high school. Now, you only get updates when you text or call each other.

It can be pretty hard to stay close while she's away, and you feel so out of the loop. You have to resort to Facebook stalking just to get the details about who her new college friends are.

6. You Become More Independent

You've gone your entire life having your partner in crime right by your side.

Your sister is someone who helped you out since day one. Now that your partner is in college, you can't always rely on having her there all the time.

You have to learn how to be more independent, which means navigating high school alone.

7. You Have A Cool Place To Go Visit


Even if the college campus isn't a glamorous one, you now have a cool place to go visit for a weekend getaway.

You'll feel really cool staying in her dorm room and pretending to be a college kid for the time being.

8. You Have To Keep The Whole Fam Updated

You'll constantly be asked, “How's your sister liking college?” or “How's your sister doing in school?”

Everyone will be coming directly to you for the lowdown on her life.

And though you may not be as in the loop as you used to be, you do know more than most. So, with a forced smile, you go ahead with your stock answers.

9. Her Old Room Becomes Your Second Room


When my sister moved out for college, I immediately staked claim in her old bedroom. I used it for extra storage, and sometimes for sleeping, since her bed was bigger than mine.

Even if your parents want to keep your sister's old room ready for her whenever she wants to come home, you can still use the extra room to your advantage when she's not around.

10. You Get Babied More

When your sister goes off to college, it's like your parents suddenly realized you'll eventually grow up. They immediately go into panic mode, not wanting to lose you, too.

They may get a little stricter in attempts to keep you closer to them. Try not to rebel too much. Just understand they're going through crazy life changes, too.