8 Perks You'll Only Get From Living With Your Sister In Your 20s


You probably compare every roommate you've ever had to your sister, because she was your first roomie, who conveniently doubled as your best friend.

I've had my fair share of nightmare roommates, so I'm the first to say living with someone who you actually get along with can be super difficult.

So, since you're both out of your parents' nest now, it's the ultimate time to live with your sister in your 20s. Here are eight awesome perks you'll only get from bunking with her.

1. She's Your Emergency Contact

When you're in a sticky situation, who you gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters, but your sister.

You probably want a roommate who will be there to help get you through the toughest days, and you know your sister will be there in a heartbeat.

Whether you need someone to pick you up, or even just make you some chicken soup you when you're sick... your sister will literally always be there, because you'll both be under the same roof.

2. You Trust Your Sister With Everything


Trust is a very unique and special quality you want in a roommate. A random Craigslist roommate isn't going to come with the absolute assurance you can trust them.

It's a known fact you have a roomie who you can absolutely trust with your life, possessions, and all of your secrets when you live with your sis.

3. She Knows You Like The Back Of Her Hand

You may think you know everything about a friend because you spend basically every day together. But, you never truly know someone until you know what they're like at home.

It's definitely a learning experience living with someone for the first time. A sister will save you all of those lessons, because you already know how she is at home.

4. You Can Be Totally Honest With Each Other

Ben White/ Unsplash

Roommate meetings can be so awkward... especially when you having to ask your bestie to wash her dishes that have been chilling in the sink for days.

Luckily, with your sister, there's no awkwardness. You know how to communicate, and can be brutally honest with her without skirting around the matter.

5. You Get To Be Yourself

It takes me awhile of living with a new roommate before I feel comfortable singing in the shower, which is something I have to do. I am that person.

With your sister, there's no need for time to get comfortable. You can immediately just be yourself.

6. What's Hers Is Also Yours


You have the incredible luxury of being able to share. Sure, there may be some rules to the sharing, but you're more open to the idea of it.

Her closet may be your closet. And there's no need to write names on things in the pantry, because sharing *great snacks* is caring when it comes to close sisters.

7. You Have The 411 On Her Life

When you don't live with your sister, you miss out on a lot.

When you live together, you have all the scoop you could ever want. You know who your sister's dating, if they're actually worthy of her, and you'll even be there for her when things get tough.

8. Your BFF Is Right Down The Hall


A sister is someone who you love hanging out with, because she's your best friend. She's there for you when you want to hit up the bars, and when you feel like staying in for a chill night drinking wine.