7 Reasons Your Sister's BF Should Be Worried About Meeting You, Not Your Dad


I've been invested in who my sister's boyfriends are since day one, because she's my best friend.

I was always the little sister who *slyly* snuck around to find out who she was dating. My parents used to send me along as a third wheel on her dates to keep a close watch, too.

In the movies, the boyfriend always (nervously AF) waits to meet the father for the very first time. But in reality, it's the sister who the BF should really be worried about.

Here are seven reasons why your sister's boyfriend should be vying for your approval.

1. You're An Unbiased Judge

Unlike your dad, who has your mom nudging him the entire time and telling him to be nice, you don't really have to answer to anyone.

You get to be an unbiased judge. Your sister's boyfriend only has you to answer to, and you'll certainly not back down if you don't like him.

2. Dating Can Be A Pretty Weird Topic For Dads

Some dads shy away from the subject of dating and their daughters. Out of sight, out of mind.

My dad was actually pretty hands off. He didn't want to know anything about my sister's dating life. This is where I stepped in, and I did not shy away.

3. You Put Your Facebook Sleuthing Skills To Good Use


Let's face it, some parents are literally terrible at social media... and the internet is the perfect place to dive deep into someone's background.

You can use social media to research your sister's new boyfriend, and see what skeletons or even embarrassing pictures he may potentially be hiding.

4. You Can Be Brutally Honest

I love my sister to death. I would never want to intentionally hurt her, but I'm always brutally honest with her. That's something you can't get from Dad, who may want to spare your sister's feelings.

If there are any red flags, you're going to tell her straight up, even if she doesn't want to hear them.

She may get mad at you at first, but you both know eventually she'll be thankful you said something early on.

5. Your Sister Values Your Opinions

Ben White/Unsplash

If you're like my sister and me, you're best friends and forever friends. You value your best friend's opinion more than anyone else.

You might bond with your sister more than you do with your parents... and for that, she'll always value what you have to say and take it to heart.

6. You Know What's Best For Her


I know pretty much every boyfriend my sister's ever had. I know what her type is, and why things haven't worked out in the long run.

If you know your sister to a T, you can tell when someone isn't a true match, while your parents can be totally clueless on this one.

Your dad might be someone who just doesn't approve at first, but then opens up down the road. You won't ever open up to someone you know isn't the right person for your sister.

7. Your Scare Tactics Are Suspenseful

You may decide to scare the heck out of your sister's new boyfriend with the possibilities of what you could do if he ever hurts your bestie. Maybe an embarrassing picture will show up on social media. Who knows?

The suspense will most likely force him to behave.

If it ends up being a total success, this guy may one day be your brother-in-law. So, it's not just about who she's dating at the moment, it's who she's inviting into the family.

At the end of the day, your sister's boyfriend should be more worried about impressing you than your dad because she's the best friend you could ever have.