6 Truths Only A Big Sister Can Teach You About Getting Over Heartbreak

Kristopher Roller/Unsplash

Your older sister will be there for the good, the bad, and the ugly. This includes those detrimental heartbreaks that make the world seem like it's crumbling underneath your feet.

Attempting to get over someone you loved can be super rough.

There's no avoiding those nasty heartbreaks, but if you have an older sister, you have an amazing emotional advantage.

I'm not sure if it's just in their genes or what, but they're like your designated backbone when you can't pick yourself up from a low point.

We value the wise and unbiased opinions an older sister has on our situations, because they're real AF.

If you listen carefully, your older sister will inevitably teach you a few truths about getting over those heartbreaks.

1. The Healing Process Is Different For Everyone

How many times do you hear people recommend you do all of these random things to get over a heartbreak? Chances are, they're what worked for them.

There's no true formula or remedy to mend a broken heart, and your sister will be the first to tell you that you get over it in your own way, in due time.

2. Admit Your Wrongs, If Any

If you played a part in the reason you're heartbroken, your sister will make you own that sh*t.

She never babied you, and she's not starting anytime soon.

3. Remember That Life Goes On

Irene Davila/ Unsplash

Your sister was there before the heartbreak, she'll be there during, and she'll stick by your side after, too. Her presence through it all is the epitome of time and how it just keeps going. Sooner or later, you will as well.

4. It's OK To Not Be OK

Most people want you to immediately bounce back from a heartbreak. This is usually because people don't know how to combat sadness that is not their own.

Your sister will let you let it all out, because that's the only way to lessen the pain. It's totally understandable.

5. Devaluing Yourself Gets You Nowhere

Daria Nepriakhina/ Unsplash

Getting your heart broken can make you feel a little less alive and have you questioning what you even have to offer as a person. An older sister shuts that pity party down quick.

She'll remind you that you give yourself your own validity. Period.

6. Bitter Is The Second Worst B-Word To Be

It's easy to be bitter after a breakup. It helps you weed out all of those other soft and mushy emotions that got you in the predicament you're in.

With the help of your older sister, though, you'll see that being bitter may feel like the numbing you need, but it's at the expense of future opportunities for happiness.

Shout out to older sisters for being the perfect dose of amazing and wonderful when we're going through those rough patches of life.