8 Ways To Stay Close To Your Sister When You Head Off To College

by Tessa Harvey

When you go off to college, everyone tells you you're in for the most challenging and fun time of your life.

That may be true, but those of us with sister BFFs know a different story. The truth is, college is great, but leaving your best friend behind really isn't.

When I left for college I was beyond excited – until I realized that meant leaving behind my younger sister, AKA my best friend.

Luckily, all of the fancy tech we have today means that although we may have to make it long-distance for awhile, our relationships with our sisters don't have to change.

Here are eight ways to keep your friendship with your sister happy and thriving while you're off at college.

Watch Your Favorite Shows At The Same Time

Being miles apart doesn't have to stop the two of you from watching you favorite shows together.

Plan a time to watch an episode or two together and get ready to live-text your way through it. Want to make it even more real? A FaceTime call will make it feel like she's right there next to you.

Have A Virtual Sleepover

The staple of sisterhood? Sleepovers.

They don't have to end when you head to university: grab some popcorn and your fav PJs and you can talk the night away with her just like you would at home.

Schedule Time For Life Updates


If you both have crazy schedules, make time to get your sister talks in. Whether it's 10 minutes or 40, you'll both end the call feeling refreshed and happy you got a chance to catch up.

Send Each Other Care Packages

Who doesn't like getting packages in the mail?

Don't bother breaking the bank; every once in a while, send each other a little gift. A great idea is to include her favorite candy, a $5 Starbucks gift card, and a photo of the two of you.

Plan Your Visits Home

Putting in effort for some quality time will majorly help maintain your friendship.

When you know you're going home, plan some time to be spent just with your sister, whether that's hitting up your favorite restaurant, swinging by the mall, or just going for a walk.

Be Her Personal Tour Guide



If she's headed into college soon, make an excuse to see each other by planning a college visit.

You'll get to spend the day showing her around the place you've been calling home and even get to throw in a hint or two about going to the same university.

Start A DIY Book Club

...Or anything else you two are interested in. Plan something you can share long distance: cooking a new meal, reading a book, starting a workout routine. It makes fun conversation to share your screw ups and discoveries.

Send Each Other Surprise Snaps

What better time for a snap streak than when you're separated? Send each other a snap a few times a day and it'll feel like you never left.

Being away from your BFF since birth while you're off at college by yourself is hard, I know. Try to enjoy your newfound freedoms and remember – she's just a call away. Nothing's going to break your bond.