The 10 Most Offensive Fashion Items Ever Made

by Gigi Engle

As a designer, the fashion world isn't the easiest place to make your mark. Designs can be pretty hit or miss.

Something that seemed like a really great idea can turn out to be either a complete nightmare or a total glory when actually produced as a wearable item. It’s all about execution.

Speaking of executions, every now and then an idea for something “fashionable” and “convenient” can be so horrendously off-point that it can blow your mind to imagine how it ever actually came to be sold on store shelves.

And it’s not just small, independent designers who happen to have a whacky idea, big corporations are totally guilty of it, too.

What made Sears think to sell a ring covered in Swastikas? What made American Apparel put a bloody tampon on a sweatshirt? Who knows!

Stranger still is that this happens more than you'd expect. From the wholeheartedly offensive to the downright bizarre, here are 10 of the worst manufacturing fashion mistakes to basically ever happen:

These Bikini Jeans by Sanna's Brazil Fashion

Sanna's Brazil Fashion

There are thongs and there are jeans. Never should the two be combined. Rihanna couldn't even pull off that jean-thong thing, girl.

A Tampon Shirt by American Apparel

American Apparel

Wearing a t-shirt that puts your menstrual cycle on display is hardly appealing. Not to say that there's anything unnatural about the female cycle, but I think the world can do without a graphic, public display of Aunt Flow.

The C-String



This lovely Du-Rag from Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

They named it the "Nightwalker."

These Leggings For Men by sTitch are a thing


Okay, so maybe these do look very comfortable and okay, leggings are something that we ladies get the opportunity to sport in all of their fine softness.

But boys, you have man-parts and nobody wants to see those on display. So please, no meggings.

This "bathing suit" for men who bare it all

While we're not 100 percent sure that this insane male "bathing suit" is for real or not, it is, nonetheless, pretty damn disturbing.

This probably is not going to make your boyfriend's Christmas list.

When this terrible, terrible Scrotum Backpack was spotted


We don't know where this backpack came from, but all we can wonder is why it was ever made. To be funny? Perhaps. To be gross? Definitely.

When Sears made a Swastika Ring


Someone on this PR team is definitely getting fired. How do you look at this ring and think, "Sure, this looks great!"?

This 'Vintage' Kent State Sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters that's eerily reflective of the 1970s shooting

Urban Outfitters

I can almost see how this could be a legitimate mistake if you weren't aware of the devastating school shooting that took place in 1970, but how does this go all the way to mass production without even one person bothering to do a Google search?

 That time Zara released a Concentration Camp Uniform Shirt


No. Just… no.