Forget Thongs And G-Strings, It's All About The C-String (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

Thongs are old news. As technology continues to advance, and our vivid imaginations continue to evolve, it's no surprise to us that the C-string now exists.

Sure, you've probably dreamt about it on a couple occasions, but someone went out, took matters into his or her own hands and made this thing happen.

That's what life is all about when you take a step back and put things into perspective. Aside from being truly inspiring, the C-string's purpose is to provide absolute comfort while maintaining a minimalistic design. I think they nailed that! There are tons of colors and patterns for women to choose from.

They also make the C-string for guys, however, I wouldn't advise getting one. According to BuzzFeed, there have been mixed reviews about the C-string on Amazon.

Some people love it, and some people hate it. Coincidentally, men who are buying these things for their wives love them. The women on the receiving end hate them.

You'll just have to go ahead and be the judge. Reveal your goods for only $24.

Check out additional photos below!

H/T: Buzz Feed