The 'Ball Bag' Is The Newest Trend In Men's Swimwear And It's F*cking Weird (NSFW Photos)

by Emily Arata

Bobby Cole is not afraid to show what he's got. Either that, or he really hates tan lines.

The reality star, known for the English show "The Only Way is Essex," first made waves in the fashion world in June. He sported a tiny, red, over-the-hip number he called the "Schlong Thong."

Now, Cole has discovered an even easier way to show off the family jewels. He's calling this atrocity the "Bobby Ball Bag." He recently wore it to a nude beach in Ibiza.

Paris Hilton tweeted an image of him, captioning it, "#IsThisAJoke."

Cole was thrilled, saying,

Can we just appreciate the severity of that? I don't think she's the biggest fan of it, but still, the fact that she's even referenced it is amazing.

The metallic cover hides the bare minimum. The Ball Bag is a monstrosity for the ages. In fact, you might have to blind yourself afterward. There's no getting rid of this mental image.

Cole models the Bobby Ball Bag.

He looks awfully confident for someone who has essentially wrapped his junk in aluminum foil.

The metallic material is supposed to help you tan.

It looks like a Hot Pocket, honestly.

This is Cole's earlier innovation, the "Schlong Thong."

Cole has pancake ass for days.

I feel embarrassed for even seeing this image.

H/T: Metro, Photos courtesy: REX