Urban Outfitters Sells 'Vintage' Sweatshirt That Seems To Reference Kent State Shooting


Urban Outfitters clearly didn't take sensitivity into account in its decision to sell a Kent State University sweatshirt with what looked like blood spattered all over it.

The item, with a retail price of $130, appears to allude to the four college students shot dead by Ohio National Guardsmen during a peaceful protest of the Vietnam War in May of 1970.

Its description reads,

The sweatshirt's listing page was removed from the clothing retailer's website just minutes after BuzzFeed publicized it, but it later went up for sale on eBay for $550.

That auction ended this morning after attaining zero bids.

This is far from the first time Urban Outfitters has tried to turn tragedy into a fashion statement, People reports, previously selling shirts with "Depression" and "Eat Less" on the front.

After the story gained significant traction, Urban Outfitters issued an apology citing misinterpretation:

Photo Courtesy: Urban Outfitters