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8 Sorority Group Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Anything But Basic

Halloween will be here sooner than you think, and if you already have a go-to girl squad like your sorority, you know a unanimous costume theme is in order. Being in a sorority is all about unity and sisterhood. Your costume should signify that in addition to the playful, loving, and awesome friendship you ladies share. Choosing the right sorority group Halloween costume ideas to vote on can be super fun and rewarding once all the compliments run through.

It's a group effort, and the sooner you get thinking about it, the easier it will be for you ladies to coordinate. Halloween has drawn some of the most creative ideas from all types of people, and you ladies want to be wearing something memorable. Something comfortable couldn't hurt, either, because who doesn't like to bust some epic dance moves at a Halloween party?

Needless to say, if you need to draw inspiration from your favorite fall beverage, start sipping. Once September is over, the clock is ticking, and we all know how quickly months can fly by. It's almost time to dress up as whatever you want to be, but don't pose as a procrastinator until then. If you're ready to flip through ideas, check out how these ladies slayed coordinated costumes.

1. Set Sail To Spooky Seas

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Even if you don't have a sailboat to hit the high seas, you and your ladies could still be cute sailors. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to wear those adorable hats? Plus, there's plenty of fun to be had on shore with these getups.

2. Bring On The Heat

The Best College Halloween Costumes Submitted From HalloWeekend https://t.co/80NVXKnxdu pic.twitter.com/a7gpuGIqrr — Sorority Lyfe (@sorority_lyfe) November 4, 2015

There's nothing wrong with getting extra fierce with your costume choice. Strap on the suspenders, and get to work. Is it hot in here?

3. Batter Up In A League Of Your Own

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Not only is this a great film to depict, but the message of sisterhood is incredibly relayed. Also, the sneaker finish will serve you well when you're dancing all night long at a Halloween party. Knock it out of the park, ladies.

4. Get Magical As Disney Princesses

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OK, normally I'm against letting Disney seep into every asset of our adult lives, but the princesses really had some cute ensembles. Because there's a good amount of princesses to pick from, you can represent basically all of them with your ladies. Turn Halloween into something magical.

5. Apps For Days

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Hey, we're already on our apps for countless hours of the day, so why not wear them as an outfit? Instead of people obsessively looking at their phones, they'll be looking at you ladies. It'll literally be like those little apps on their screen came to life.

6. Who Doesn't Like Chocolate?

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OK, we can all be a dose of sweetness sometimes. If you aren't sweet, it's Halloween, so you're dressing up like something you normally wouldn't. You all can be the best batch of M&M's anyone has ever seen.

7. Be Some Pretty Little Liars

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The dark scandal, secrets, and lies on this show pair perfectly with the sinister qualities of Halloween. Wear those red A's in unity and scare the crap out of people. Also, be ready to take random pics with fangirls.

8. Disney Options Are Endless

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Sorry, but Disney really does come in clutch for Halloween. The are so many storylines and characters to play with and explore. Disney really just has our hearts forever. This Halloween, get creative with your sorority sisters and steal the show. No matter what mask or costume you ladies put on, sisterhood is an outfit you relentlessly wear every day of the year.