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These Backyard Halloween Party Games Are For Adults Who Just Wanna Have Fun

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Your friend group may take Halloween very seriously — to the point where you spend all October planning a small get-together with all sorts of tricks and treats. In the past, this party might have been held in your home. But this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can either host your gathering virtually, or consider playing some of these backyard Halloween party games for adults with the people you've been quarantining with.

These games will make you feel like you're not missing out on anything this Halloween. Although it's not totally guaranteed, each one could be a big hit with your crew, and make them laugh until the full moon rises to the top of the night sky. Some will require your people to get creative or sneaky, while others will land them with candy corn and other seasonal treats to snack on. A few of these games can even be played in a virtual setting. So, if your plans switch, or you want more people that you love to play from the comfort (and safety) of their homes, you can still have a spooky good time.

Now, let's be like vampires and sink our teeth into some of these juicy ideas. Here are eight Halloween party games to play with your people. Beware: they are "bad to the bone."

"Pumpkin Patch"
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It's never too late in the Halloween season to paint a pumpkin, and this game gives everyone in your crew a chance to do just that. First, pick a theme or two for everyone to choose from, such as The Office characters, Disney villains, or even Baby Yoda-inspired pumpkins. You can provide a set of mini pumpkins for your crew to paint, or ask each person to get their own, as well as some acrylic paints and brushes. Then, as you all chat and sip drinks, you can decorate your pumpkins to create the most artsy patch you've ever seen.

This game can be played virtually, but will require that each of your BFFs provides their own supplies. If you play this game on FaceTime or Zoom, have each person hold up their pumpkin at the end for a commemorative screenshot.

"Treat Hunt"

"Treat Hunt" is sort of like an Easter egg hunt, but it's all about finding Halloween treats that you've stashed around your very own backyard. After you hide various chocolate bars and tasty peanut butter cups, each person in your group will be handed a pillowcase and given a chance to go "hunting" for candy.

To play this game virtually, simply hide the candy around your backyard, and have your friends guide you to where they want to look for treats. Point the camera at certain locations so they feel like they're actually there.

"Candy Corn Hole"

Everybody loves a good game of corn hole, right? This version has a Halloween twist, because it requires you to keep track of your points using candy corn. At the end, the losing team must complete a "trick" decided on by the winning team. In turn, the winning team gets to eat the candy corn points they acquired.

Unfortunately, this game can't really be played virtually. But, if each of your friends has an iPhone, then open up GamePigeon and play cup pong or basketball with a similar point system.

"I'd Like To Make A Ghost"
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"Hello, I'd like to make a ghost." That's how each player should begin their presentation in this game. It requires each person to brew their own Halloween-inspired cocktail, and add props that they feel are a good fit. Once their cocktail is all set, they should present it to the group like they're on a cooking show.

This game can be done virtually with a large group of friends. No matter which way you decide to play, be sure to vote for a favorite when every presentation is said and done.

"One Haunt At A Time"

Obstacle courses are sure to creep things fun no matter what age you are, and this one is filled with spooky surprises. As the host, you will have to spend some time setting up the course in your backyard for your quarantine crew to enjoy. Include a few stations like: flip cup, land a ring on a pumpkin stem, and draw a jack-o'-lantern face on a balloon.

To play this game virtually, give your friends a list of the items they'll need for each station. Then complete each station at the same time, while on Zoom or FaceTime. Whoever completes a task first, wins.

"Mummy Master"

You don't need to be the fashionista of your friend group to be the "Mummy Master." You just need to know your way around a white sheet or roll of toilet paper. In this game, your group has to split up into teams of two. One person must be the mummy, while the other is the designated master. Start a minute-long timer, and see who is most successful at turning their partner into a mummy.

Play "Mummy Master" virtually by having each person pair up with someone in their household who's willing to be part of the game. Award the winning team with a boo basket specially made by you.

"Funny Bones"

Halloween is the time to let your funny bones shine. And what better way to do that than with a Halloween-inspired roast? It can be held virtually or right in your backyard, but will require everyone to prep some jokes in advance. Be sure to decide how "hot" you want to go as a group ahead of time, and make use of many Halloween puns.

"Spookin' Fun Pictionary"
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Make up your own Halloween-themed version of Pictionary. Ahead of time, get ahold of an easel, a large pad of paper, and markers. Make up index cards with fun Halloween things to draw, fold them up, and throw them into a cauldron or witch's hat. Each player will draw one for their turn while everyone else guests whether it's a zombie, graveyard, vampire bite, or haunted hayride.

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