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Try These Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas On Halloween To Creep Things Fun

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It would be pretty spooky if you didn't celebrate Halloween with friends, so this year, you're hosting a virtual party. The plan is that on October 31 everyone will get dressed up in a costume and log onto a Zoom meeting. Together, you'll watch Hocus Pocus, paint pumpkins, or bake cookies while chilling in your homes. If you need more itinerary items, consider one of these Halloween virtual scavenger hunt ideas that'll creep things fun.

You don't want any awkward silences during your get-together, after all, or to miss out on any moments that could be festive. These ideas can all get the job done, even if your friends are located in different cities or on different couches. They simply require everyone to follow a couple easy rules. First, everyone should be able to access their camera roll whether that be on their phone or laptop. Second, everyone must send a "boo" in the video's chat after returning so you can determine who has won each round.

The rounds will go a little like this: One person will pick a category from those listed below. They will call out what it is and everyone will have to either run around their space or dig through their photos to "hunt" for a proper item. Whoever sends that "boo" first and brings back a qualifying item, wins. With each round the category picker rotates. Here are a few categories to creep things fun and interesting.

Make A Halloween Playlist
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If your friends are always sending new music in the group chat, then they'll love this category. It requires you to make a playlist for the party with Halloween-related jams. Each playlist can be made using Spotify, Apple Music, or a note on your phone, and should be at least 10 songs in length. Whoever screenshots and sends their playlist in the chat first, wins.

After choosing a winner for speed, you'll also want to choose a winner, as a group, for their picks. There's bound to be a friend in your crew that got super creative. Reward them with a cute boo basket or round of applause.

Collect Five Different Pieces Of Candy

It's spooky season, so there are likely a few bags of candy sitting around your home. Make a fun game out of them during your party and have everyone collect five different ones in their home. The challenge to this category is that each candy must be different. Award bonus points to any friend who can name your favorite candy via a personal text to you, or has a unique treat to share with the group.

Find A Photo From A Past Halloween
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Somewhere in your camera roll, you probably have a photos of Halloween costumes you dressed up in as a kid. Send everyone in your group on a hunt for their own throwback photos for an epic virtual party game. Once they've found it, have them send it in the group chat along with "boo." Reminisce on the old and new Halloween mems you've made while enjoying this round.

Dress Up Your Pet In A Costume

Does everyone in your friend group have a cat, dog, or another fluffy friend who can be dressed up in a Halloween costume? If so, then have a costume contest amongst them all that has a scavenger hunt twist. Tell everyone in advance that they'll need a cute pet costume. Then, have everyone dress up their festive fluff at the same time.

Whoever gets their pet in the costume fastest, wins. Like other categories, though, spend some time judging the creativity and execution of each costume to award other friends with a point.

Draw A Spooky Pumpkin
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Put your drawing skills to the test with this category. Everyone will need to grab a pack of colored pencils and a notepad for it. On the count of three, everyone will start drawing the absolute spookiest pumpkin they can imagine. For this category, take all the time you need, but be sure to have everyone vote for their favorite in chat. To creep things fun and very scavenger hunt-like, have everyone count how many pumpkins — big and small — are in their home as well.

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