An apple cider cocktail sits on a stone table with a fresh apple and cinnamon sticks.

The Best Apple Cider Cocktails Will Take You On A Fall-Themed Kitchen Adventure

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You can't get enough of apples in the fall. On the weekends, you may go to the local orchard to pick your own, and then use them in a sweet pie or crumble. Have you ever tried mixing your apples with ginger beer or cinnamon sticks to create a fall-loving drink, though? If not, then you'll love these apple cider cocktail recipes on YouTube, and your next tasty adventure in the kitchen.

An apple cider cocktail is a must-have for your virtual happy hours in October and November, and will pair so nicely with a bold cheese and a crispy cracker. While you and your friends are playing games like "Never Have I Ever" and "Guess That Halloween Movie" on FaceTime or Zoom, it will start its very own party in your mouth by treating your tastebuds to a world of new flavors.

Of course, before you can have this experience, you'll need to snag some special cocktail-making supplies like a pitcher, shaker cup, and muddler. Start by gathering up those essential utensils, and ingredients for one of these drinks. Then, go to your kitchen and mix an apple cider cocktail — aka the fall drink of your dreams — using a recipe below.

Spiked Cider

First up is this spiked cider that's beautifully garnished with a lemon slice and a star anise pod. The star anise will give your drink notes of black licorice, while a clove, which simmers in a pot with other ingredients over the stove, adds a little spice.

If you want to keep this drink simple and tasty, you can leave the star anise or clove out of the pot. However, it'll likely pair nicely with the added bourbon and make for a cozy, warming drink.

Autumn Sangria

There's a sangria recipe for every season, and this autumn-like cocktail will be your new go-to. It uses a combination of fresh pear, apple, lemon, cinnamon, and apple cider to bring the fall vibes to your kitchen.

You'll definitely need to go to the store ahead of time to grab the necessary fruits and various liquors. Who knew there was more than just an apple cider to pick up at the store?

Apple Cider Margarita

Trade your usual lime margarita for an apple cider one during your next virtual happy hour. This drink is pretty easy to make, and it's a combination of sweet and bitter. As the video coaches you to do, you'll want to start by rubbing the rim of your glass with an orange slice and then dipping it in a cinnamon-sugar mix. This will lay the sweet groundwork for the rest of your fall drink.

Hot Boozy Apple Cider

This Hot Boozy Apple Cider uses an array of ingredients such as apple cider (The expert highly recommends not using apple juice, if possible.), vanilla extract, and fresh ground nutmeg. Once you take your own brew off the stove, pour it into a glass, and take a sip, you'll be hooked.

Apple Cider And Maple Bourbon Cocktail

Grab some bourbon to make this apple cider cocktail. Start by pouring two shots of it into a shaker cup that's also been filled with ice. Then, add three shots of your fave apple cider and a dash of some spices. (According to the recipe creator, these spices take the drink to the next and dreamiest level.) A little maple syrup will also prep your tastebuds for virtual happy hour and all things related to fall.