Here's The Ultimate Ranking Of The Kardashian Family's Halloween Costumes This Year

Kevin Mazur/MG19/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you're a big fan of the Kardashians, or simply keep up with them on social media, there's no way to escape the famous family during the holidays. The KarJenner clan is known to go all out for any and all occasions, and Halloween is no different. That's why this ranking of all of the Kardashians' 2020 Halloween costumes, ranked, will leave you with a handful of ideas for next spooky season.

Most of the family gathered together at Kendall Jenner's Halloween-themed 25th birthday bash on Oct. 31, putting all their epic costumes on display in one place. Despite this year being a little bit different with the coronavirus pandemic still going on, the sisters took precautionary measures to ensure safety for themselves and other guests, with Kris Jenner telling Andy Cohen:

At Kendall's everyone got tested before they walked in the door and they had to wait, you know, a half an hour until the results were in ... So we are really responsible and we make sure that everyone in our family and our closest friends are tested religiously ... We do what we can, we, we try to follow the rules.

So with those safety measures in place, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie, and Kris all rocked their best costumes, but, of course, some were a little better than the rest. Not to mention, some sisters had more than one costume. So, without further ado, here are the Kardashians' 2020 Halloween costumes ranked from least creative to best.

Kim Kardashian as Carole Baskin

There's no doubt that Kim killed it as Tiger King star Carole Baskin, with BFF Jonathan Cheban slaying the Joe Exotic look, and Kim's kids North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, looking adorable dressed as tigers. But, this look ultimately failed in the creativity department, since it was one of 2020's most popular costumes.

Kylie Jenner and Friends as The Power Rangers

Kylie, Carter Gregory, Stassie Karanikolaou, Victoria Villarroel, Sofia Villarroel, and Yris Palmer looked nearly perfect as The Power Rangers. But, seeing as how Kylie and her pals are known to switch up their hair with colored wigs and wear matching clothes, this costume fell a little flat.

North & Reign as Rock-and-Roll Stars

These cool cousins slayed the rock-and-roll look, even rocking out and giving their best performance for the camera. The only thing that would have made this costume better is if all the KarJenner cousins participated in it to make one giant grunge band.

Kylie as King Cobra

Kylie nailed her King Cobra costume from head to toe. The theatrics she poured into the multiple photos for Instagram gave her extra points on this list.

Khloé, Tristan, & True as Cleopatra, Mark Antony, and Royal Highness True

This family costume is absolutely amazing, but Khloé and Tristan lose some points on this list for putting more effort into their own costumes than they did True's.

The Kardashian-West Family as Furry Spiders

A full family costume is always a winner in my book. Kim, Kanye, and their four kids looked hilarious yet spot on in their furry spider costumes. Three things to note in this photo that really stood out: North's refusal to look at the camera, the epic spiderweb in the background, and the fact that the family came together to help Kim conquer her fear of spiders.

Kris as Jack Skellington

There's not much to say about Kris' Jack Skellington costume except the fact she killed it. Kris gets major props for going all out and proving that Halloween should be fun at any age.

Kendall as Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire

Kendall's attention to detail puts her near the top of this list. Not to mention that she used her costume to encourage her massive social media following to vote, which is a major plus. Kendall looked near identical to Pamela Anderson from the 1996 action film.

Kourtney as a Hot Dog On a Stick Girl

This costume is just plain great. Kourtney and Steph Shepherd not only had a blast dressing up as flirty, yet fun, hot dog on a stick girls, but were even prepared with props, including condiment dispensers, real corndogs, and soft drink cups. While Kendall got the most props on social media for her sexy costume, I feel like this one tops the model's because of the humor that came along with it.

Kendall and Kylie as Young Kendall and Kylie

And the winner is .... Kendall and Kylie! The two crushed Halloween with this recreation of one of their childhood costumes, further proving that the youngest KarJenner sisters have always been the queens of Halloween.