Ashley Park as Mindy in Emily in Paris

Emily In Paris' Creator Cleared Up 1 Of Season 4's Big Cliffhangers

Love this for Mindy.

by Ani Bundel
Netflix © 2022

Emily In Paris has traditionally stayed right where the title says, in Paris, despite a few scenes in Chicago and trips to the French countryside. But Season 4 might see the show go global, or at least finally cross the channel to its northern neighbor in the U.K. Ironically, it has nothing to do with Emily’s relationship with Londoner Alfie, but rather, it’s Mindy causing the change in scenery, as Emily In Paris Season 4 is planning to go to Eurovision.

Warning: Major spoilers for Emily In Paris Season 3 follow. Most of Emily In Paris’ cliffhanger ending revolved around the ongoing overlapping love triangles of Emily and Camille. Emily again found herself dumped for having feelings for Gabriel, as Alfie refused to be her second choice. Camille, meanwhile, left Gabriel at the altar; hopefully to find the woman she loves, Sofia, assuming Emily would pick up the pieces. But Gabriel’s reveal to Emily that Camille is pregnant changed that calculation and left fans wondering how this will all work out.

But for fans of music and Emily’s BFF Mindy, there’s another shock that trumped all that. The finale revealed Benoit secretly submitted their song together, “Mon Soleil,” to Eurovision, and the jury selected it as the French entry.

But will they actually go, or will it all take pace off camera? Series creator Darren Star revealed his plans in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

When asked about whether the show will cover Eurovision (which, notably takes place in Liverpool in 2023), it seems doable. And Star confirmed this. “That’s the plan,” he said. “I think we’ve got a really wonderful Eurovision-worthy song that can be quite competitive. And I think for Mindy, that part is still really important to her, that artistic side. And it’s why she came to Paris. I think it’s gonna reignite that passion and that dream.”

Mon Soleil” was written for Emily In Paris Season 2, but Star said he wasn’t ready to let go of it yet. “The song was so beautiful, and I just loved it so much; I just felt like it had more of a life in terms of story for the show,” he told EW. “It feels like this song was like a gift for us, to be able to have it connected with the show and to play with.”

No matter the outcome, Mindy’s story likely won’t end with Season 4. When asked about the series’ endgame, Star said he is far from done with Emily In Paris. “I actually don’t have that one big ending for Emily,” he said. “I think that as the universe of the show expands, it just creates new opportunities for all the characters... we don’t have an end in sight at the moment.”

Emily In Paris Seasons 1 through 3 are streaming on Netflix. Season 4 is expected in late 2023.