Allison Williams expressed her desire to be in Season 3 of 'The White Lotus.'

Allison Williams Feels She Belongs On The White Lotus

Need her in Season 3, TBH.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2023 has only just begun, but it’s already the year of Allison Williams. The M3GAN star’s doll-destroying beatdown has inspired so many fans to revisit her lead role in in beloved HBO series Girls, and now she has another HBO hit in her sights for the future. Williams recently opened up about her hopes of being cast in The White Lotus. So, will White Lotus fans see Williams pop up in Season 3? It’s probably too early to tell, but honestly, it sounds like she’d be a perfect fit for the twisted series.

Williams opened up about her aspirations to join HBO’s buzzy vacation dramedy in her Jan. 13 profile in British GQ. “I feel like I kind of belong in a White Lotus? I’m into it, I would do it in a heartbeat,” Williams said. “I had a meeting with Mike White about a decade ago for an independent film that didn’t end up working out. And ever since then, ever since Enlightened, I’ve just been a lifelong Mike White fan.”

If White didn’t have Williams in mind for Season 3 before, he may now — especially since the actor has been getting widespread praise for her blend of tense drama and campy ridiculousness in M3GAN. Williams is also top-of-mind as part of a notable resurgence in interest in Girls, the seminal 2012 series in which she played the high-strung musician Marnie. The decade-old show has gotten so much increased attention on TikTok and Twitter at the start of the year, that Vice even dubbed 2023 “the year of the Girls renaissance.” Like her performance in M3GAN, Williams’ Girls performance also proves she’s the perfect White Lotus candidate: Marnie is best-known for her incredibly cringey moments, like her awkward Kanye West cover or her humiliating music video, and it’s that very same uncomfortable cringe-comedy that The White Lotus thrives on.


Williams is just one of the many names White Lotus fans are throwing around as they fan-cast Season 3 — there are even a few Season 2 characters who could return for another trip — so nothing is for sure until more details about Season 3 are announced.