Laura Dern is one of the top fan picks to be cast in 'The White Lotus' Season 3.

23 Celebs Fans Want To See In The White Lotus Season 3

Jennifer Coolidge *needs* to return to play Tanya’s twin.

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The guest list at any White Lotus resort is always filled with the names of the rich and powerful, so naturally, fans are already trying to figure out who’s going to be checking in next season. Ever since The White Lotus Season 2 began airing, the internet’s been full of casting ideas, whether they be ridiculous jokes or seriously insightful choices. While everyone waits for the next vacay, check out the best fan-casting ideas for The White Lotus Season 3.

One of the top picks among The White Lotus fans for a starring role in Season 3 is Laura Dern, and there are a few strong reasons for that. Dern actually had a cameo in Season 2 of the show as the wife of Michael Imperioli’s Dom, but she never actually appeared in person. She could only be heard in a couple phone calls, first berating her cheating husband in the premiere, then seemingly starting to become open to working on things with him in a finale call. The quick cameos sparked a theory that Dom’s wife could finally make her big debut in Season 3, with the new installment bringing Dern into the main cast. The theory was strengthened by the fact that Dern is one of creator Mike White’s longtime creative collaborators, having famously starred in his previous HBO series Enlightened.

When Dern didn’t show up in the Season 2 finale like some viewers were expecting, the fan-castings for Season 3 began.

Another popular choice for Season 3 is Lisa Kudrow. Much like Jennifer Coolidge, Kudrow has made a career out of imbuing her goofy, oddball characters with a touching pathos. With Coolidge out of the picture following that Season 2 finale, fans have migrated to Kudrow as an ideal choice to replace Tanya’s zany, magnetic energy.

Then there’s Lindsay Lohan, another name that’s been popping up a lot. She’s in the midst of a career comeback, is already a bonafide vacation queen, and clearly has the comedy chops to deliver hilarious White Lotus lines.

Other names that have been thrown around by fans include Florence Pugh, Liz Gillies, Rachel Sennott, and Kim Cattrall.

Even some fictional characters are being pitched for a White Lotus stay.

Some true White Lotus obsessives have already crafted full vision boards of their dream Season 3 casts.

But of course, the true dream casting for Season 3 is to find some way to bring back Jennifer Coolidge.

Here’s hoping HBO’s casting department is paying attention to Twitter, because The White Lotus fans are full of ideas for the new season.

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