Here's How To Visit Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club In Mykonos


Lindsay Lohan may be the reason that you are tuning into her new MTV reality series Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, but after taking in all the seaside luxury relaxation and partying in the series premiere, it is clear that the true star of the show is Lohan's sprawling beach clubhouse itself. In fact, you will probably feel the urge to book a trip to Mykonos right after you finish watching the new show, so here's how to visit Lindsay Lohan's beach club in Mykonos if you want to catch one of Lohan's now-iconic dance parties in person.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club is filmed at one of Lindsay Lohan's three clubs located in Greece. Lohan famously left Hollywood and moved to London in 2014, and then moved from there to Dubai in 2016. Since relocating to Dubai, Lohan has shifted her focus from acting to entrepreneurship, having opened multiple clubs in Greece. She first opened Lohan Nightclub in Athens, followed by two Lohan Beach Houses, one in Mykonos and one in Rhodes. The MTV series Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club is filmed exclusively at Lohan's Mykonos club, which appears to be the most popular destination.

You can check out tons of sunny photos of the Mykonos beach club on the official website: LohanMykonos.com. The site also lets you look at the restaurant's menu, shop at the boutique, and look through spa packages offered at the wellness corner. This website is also the best way to plan your trip... although you will unfortunately have to wait a while before you can make your travel plans. Sadly, the Lohan Beach Houses are currently closed for the winter, so you will have to wait a few more months before you can visit. But don't worry — there are still things you can do now to start planning a trip.

First of all, although the Mykonos and Rhodes Lohan Beach Houses close down for the winter, Lohan Nightclub in Athens stays open all year long. Since it is not an exclusively outdoor venture like the beach houses, you can plan a trip to Lindsay Lohan's nightclub right now. Check out the nightclub's official website for more details.

But for the hardcore Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club fans, or for the vacationers who really just want to spend all day lying on the beach, then the nightclub probably does not sound as enticing as the Mykonos club featured on the MTV show. Although the Lohan Beach House in Mykonos is closed right now, it is never too early to get a plan together. You can check out a map of the area to better plan everything and start looking a flight deals to Mykonos (yes, there's an international airport located right on the island). Also note that the Lohan Beach House is opened from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, and you can contact the management at the Mykonos Lohan Beach House with your inquiries either by calling them at +30 2289 072480 or by emailing them at info@lohanmykonos.com.

So start planning your Mykonos vacation, and you who knows, you may even end up on the second season of Lindsay Lohan's Beach House while you're there!