The 'White Lotus' Season 2 finale left fans with several unanswered questions.

There Are So Many Questions After The White Lotus' Finale

No. 1: WTF just happened?


The White Lotus fans entered the sh9ow’s Season 2 finale with a ton of questions, and while they got some answers, they really left the season with even questions. The last episode of the tense season may have finally revealed who died, but it didn’t tie up all the loose ends for viewers. So now that the trip to Sicily is over, these The White Lotus Season 2 finale unanswered questions will continue haunt fans... until Season 3 hopefully provides some closure.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched The White Lotus Season 2 finale. The White Lotus thrives in messy chaos, so even though the final episode of its second season did solve the central mystery of whose dead body was in the water, it left several loose ends unresolved. Yes, fans finally got the confirmation they needed about Greg’s deal with Quentin to kill Tanya. And Lucia’s true motives were revealed when she scammed Albie out of 50,000 euro by making him believe a dangerous man was after her. (As many theorized, Alessio was actually a friend of Lucia’s who was in on the scam, as revealed by their friendly greeting in one of the season’s final shots.)

But along with those satisfying revelations came some nagging questions. The exact details of the “high-end gays’” plan weren’t fully brought to light, and neither were the cheating allegations between the two married couples.

Here are the questions White Lotus fans may never get a clear answer to.


1. Was Jack Supposed To Kill Portia?

The finale confirmed Quentin tasked Jack with keeping Portia away while he dealt with Tanya, but it was never clarified exactly what Jack was supposed to do with her. Was he simply meant to distract her in a separate town, then bring her back after Tanya was killed, or was he meant to kill Portia as well? Jack’s emotional goodbye dropping Portia off at the airport seemed to suggest he couldn’t go through with whatever the full plan was, and it would make sense for Quentin to want to dispose of Portia after she figured out what had happened to her boss. Thankfully, Jack’s change of heart may have saved Portia’s life.


2. Will Portia Report Tanya’s Murder?

Speaking of Portia, her next move is a total question mark. She’s the only person who knows about the plot to kill Tanya, so she could expose the whole murder scheme to the police. But will she? It’s not like she was the most dependable assistant to Tanya, and she high-tailed it out of Italy once Jack told her the truth about everything. However, she might wind up being the key to stopping Greg if this story continues in Season 3.

3. Did Harper & Cameron Hook Up?

The alleged affairs within the Harper-Ethan-Cameron-Daphne love square were left intentionally ambiguous, it would seem. Although Ethan convinced himself his wife Harper hooked up with Cameron, that was never confirmed. Harper maintained that all she did with Cameron was kiss, but they sure were alone together for a while. The mystery of just how far the two really went may never be solved.

4. Did Ethan & Daphne Hook Up?

Similarly, the show opted out of explicitly showing Ethan and Daphne’s revenge hookup, although it was pretty heavily implied that they got sexual on that island. Showrunner Mike White even brought up the “dalliance” himself, noting that it was the motivating trigger for Ethan to reignite the spark in his relationship with Harper. It definitely seems more obvious that Ethan and Daphne hooked up than whether Harper and Cameron did, but it’s still not super clear what went down.


5. Will Greg Get Tanya’s Money?

Obviously, Greg’s master plan was to kill Tanya and get her money, but the scheme didn’t go off exactly as planned. Because Quentin was killed before he could presumably tidy everything up, there’s a chance the murder plot could be traced back to Greg and ruin his get-rich-quick scheme. Plus, Portia is still around to testify against him. It may not be as easy as Greg thought to collect Tanya’s cash, even with her dead.

6. Why Was Quentin Filming Tanya & Niccoló?

In the penultimate episode of Season 2, viewers noticed a suspicious red light in the background as Tanya was having sex with Niccoló. The implication seemed obvious: Quentin must have been filming the affair as blackmail. But strangely, this was never brought up in the finale. So, is there a sex tape of Tanya still out there somewhere, and could Greg use it to secure his dead wife’s riches? Hopefully, Season 3 will address this, because it seemed like too spicy of a detail to just be left in the background.

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