The 'Wednesday' Season 1 blooper reel shows all of Jenna Ortega's silly moments.

This Wednesday Blooper Reel Is Shocking Proof That Wednesday Can Smile

Seeing her actually laugh is so satisfying.


Nevermore Academy isn’t exactly the type of place where you’d imagine a lot of laughter, funny faces, or goofing off, but as Netflix’s latest featurette has proven, making Wednesday was a lot more fun than the iconic goth’s permanent frown would lead you to believe. The streamer released the show’s first blooper reel on Dec. 11, show the behind-the-scenes silliness that went into making the dark, monstrous series. If you thought it wasn’t possible for Wednesday Addams to crack a smile, then check out the Wednesday Season 1 bloopers video for the scenes where Jenna Ortega just had to laugh.

It’s not easy to be as murderously self-serious and deadpan as Wednesday Addams all the time. Although Wednesday’s protagonist would absolutely never lose her cool, Ortega was no stranger to lightening the mood when she flubbed a line or had to wait for a plane to fly by while filming. The blooper reel shows all the times Ortega got goofy with her castmates, like jumping up and clicking her heels while fencing or growling at airplanes that were interrupting a shoot.

Of course, Ortega was in great company when it came to behind-the-scenes silliness. Catherine Zeta Jones and Luis Guzmán cracked each other up by singing in zany voices to one another, Gwendoline Christie burst out laughing while driving with Ortega, and Emma Myers freestyled some of Enid’s sick moves. The highlight of the blooper reel, though, is when Ortega accidentally hit Myers in the face with a flashlight while escaping the Gates manor.

Check out all the bloopers below:

Although that blooper reel probably got fans pumped for more Wednesday, Netflix still has yet to officially pick up another season of the show at the time of its release. There are a lot of great reasons to hold out hope that the renewal is coming, though. Showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar said they’ve planned out “at least three or four seasons” of Wednesday, and that cliffhanger ending certainly has fans on the edge of their seats for answers. Not to mention, the show became a massive viral hit thanks to a dance trend on TikTok and has been breaking viewership records for Netflix.

Given all that, Season 2 seems like a sure bet, so fans can just relax and laugh along with the bloopers as they wait for the announcement.