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Taylor Swift fans think 'Speak Now' is the next album she will re-record.

Is Taylor's Version Of Speak Now Coming This Spring? Swifties Are Convinced

This is some serious TikTok detective work.

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Taylor Swift loves keeping fans on their toes. Following the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) in November, Swifties are gauging which album she’ll re-record next. Though some initially presumed she’d follow-up with her re-release of 1989, they’re now thinking it might be Speak Now.

It’s worth noting Swift rarely comments on what fan theories about her music career and trajectory are true or false. As of writing, Swift has not publicly announced her next album, so the following is simply fan speculation.

On Nov. 15, Swift released her music video for “I Bet You Think About Me.” It’s one of the “From the Vault,” aka previously unreleased, songs on Red (Taylor’s Version). The music video spurred belief that 1989 would be the next album to get the “Taylor’s Version” treatment. This is because the cake in the “I Bet You Think About Me” music video featured seagulls on the side, which were similar to those from the 1989 album cover. This theory was further boosted when Swift announced a Starbucks partnership in November. If we’re being generous, this could be interpreted as a nod to a lyric from 1989’s single “Blank Space”: “Starbucks lovers.”

However, thanks to a very convincing fan TikTok video, the Swiftie tea leaves are turning toward Speak Now as next on the docket. As Flighthouse host Carolina Sofia explained on TikTok, Swift may have recently dropped a major Easter Egg in a recent Instagram video. Yes, it does involve Starbucks...but not in the way you might think.

Sofia dissects one of Swift’s TikToks from October where she’s drinking from a Starbucks cup. “If you look at the bottom of the cup, which Taylor obviously wanted us to see, you’ll see […] three Gs,” Sofia explained in her video. “Want to know what song stars with three G chords? It’s “Speak Now.” And want to know what her third album was? It was Speak Now.”

At first, fans presumed Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) would be released on New Year’s Eve after the official Instagram account for the Empire State Building posted a video featuring Swift’s 2020 song off Folklore, “Exile.” The tweet was captioned it “Feeling 2022.” Swifties noticed the color on the Empire State building was purple, which is the same color of the dress she wears on the Speak Now album cover.

Now that New Year’s Eve has come and gone with no direct mention of Speak Now’s release from Swift, Flighthouse’s TikTok video has a speculated update on Swift’s album release date. “We’ve seen Taylor talk about [the song] ‘22’ nonstop for the past month,” Sofia said in the video. “Well, what if it has something to do with [the date] 2/2/2022? That’s a lot of twos, which by the way, is on a Wednesday.”

Wednesday is an important day in Swiftian lore. As Sofia claims in the video, Wednesday is the day of the week that announcements about the Fearless and Red vault albums were posted.

This isn’t the only popular theory on the Swiftie radar right now. Have you heard of Karma? Swift is rumored to have a separate, secret album that was never released.

A popular fan theory circulating for years claims Taylor’s sixth album was supposed to be called Karma. According to BuzzFeed News, the album is rumored to have been shelved because Swift took time away from the spotlight to heal from the a period of negative press. As a result, she allegedly ditched Karma and went straight into her Reputation era.

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So, why do fans think the album will finally see the light of day now? For one, Karma would have perfectly tied in with the edgy look Swift debuted toward the end of her 1989 era that she ditched before her next album, Reputation. There’s a ton more fan “evidence,” aka perceived easter eggs, out there leading to a belief that there’s a missing rock ‘n’ roll era of Swift we never saw publicly.

Plus, BuzzFeed News reports, one scene from “The Man” music video could suggest Karma and 1989 are going to be released as a package deal. In the bathroom graffiti scene featuring her album titles, Karma is written right next to a “Missing” poster and the word 1989.

Taylor Swift's 'The Man' music video

Swift operates with so much secrecy this all needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt. There’s really no telling what album we’ll see her re-record next until she makes an official announcement. Rest assured, it’s only a matter of time until we know for sure.

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