The 'Succession' series finale teaser promises to reveal which Roy ends up on top.

Stop Everything, The Succession Series Finale Teaser Is Here



It’s finally time to crown America’s next top Roy. After five years of bargaining, brokering, and backstabbing, the final episode of Succession is just days away, and it promises to reveal which of Logan’s kids will be his true successor at long last. Get your first look at the highly anticipated episode with the Succession series finale teaser.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Succession Season 4, Episode 9. The stage is set to name the winner of the Succession games once and for all, and it felt fitting that the battle lines would be drawn at Logan’s funeral. The business tycoon’s death earlier in the season cleared a path for one of his children (or a sneaky business associate) to inherit the Waystar Royco media empire — now it’s time for their final plays. Kendall and Roman have made an uneasy alliance to block Lukas Matsson’s buyout, which has become even more difficult after Jeryd Mencken reneged on his deal to help Roman shoot it down if he got him elected president. He can blame his sister Shiv for that little twist. She convinced Mencken to back Matsson by promising Waystar would have a U.S. CEO under Matsson’s reign. She’s hoping that CEO will be her... but Matsson could be playing her yet again.

And let’s not forget about the other heavy hitters eyeing Logan’s empty throne. Tom has been stepping up more and more at ATN, and has fully turned on his estranged wife Shiv. His lackey Greg has also been growing more cutthroat, finding unexpected ins with both Matsson as well as Kendall and Roman, and using his insider info to expose Shiv’s betrayal. Then of course, there’s the so-called old guard of Frank, Karl, Gerri, Hugo, and Karolina. Each of Logan’s associates has shown new facets of their ambition with Logan gone. Could the new CEO end up not being a Roy at all?

Naturally, the teaser for the final episode doesn’t offer an answer to that question, but it does show all the factions marching into the ultimate battle. Get your first look below:

Find out who the true successor is when the series finale of Succession airs Sunday, May 28 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.