Over the past few days, people have been sharing Spirit Halloween memes depicting fake Halloween cos...

All The Best Pop Culture-Themed Spirit Halloween Memes

From “Royals Singer” to “Silly Little Pilgrim Guy.”

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In the days leading up to the spookiest holiday of the year, a new meme format has risen: the Spirit Halloween costume. And much like the stores they represent, these memes are coming and going at lightning speed.

According to Know Your Meme, the trend actually originated a few years ago in 2019 when the Facebook meme page Guy Fieri's Post-Ironic Meme Vault shared a photoshopped picture of a Guy Fieri costume at Spirit Halloween. The costume’s front packaging was labeled “Governor of Tasteville” and listed accessories like sunglasses and a fake goatee. The post reportedly garnered over 10,000 shares and spurred the current meme trend taking over the internet.

This year, while some have used the opportunity to poke fun at themselves, others have chosen to joke about their favorite celebrities and TV and movie characters. After photoshopping a fake costume, memers often shared their creations by announcing, “Found my Halloween costume.”

For example, Netflix jokingly revealed theirs by posting a photo of a “Golden Retriever” costume that showed a photo of Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) from Heartstopper.

A Star Wars fan showed off their “perfect” Halloween costume by sharing a photo of Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) and Padme Amidala (Natalie Portman) as a “Tragic Space Couple.”

One user shared a photo of a fake Lorde costume called “Royals Singer.” Except, the photo on the packaging is an old-school picture of Charli XCX. The meme is referencing a years-old interview where Charli was mistaken for Lorde. During the interview, instead of correcting the interviewer, Charli pretended to be Lorde. Charli even admitted this year she and Lorde tossed around the idea of finally going as one another for Halloween. Alas, it’s not happening. At least there’s this meme instead, though, right?

Another viral Spirit Halloween meme was “Silly Little Pilgrim Guy” featuring a photo of Harry Styles from his 2019 Fine Line. The “costume” came with a black top hat, suspenders, and pink biker shorts.

Olivia Rodrigo is sure to be a popular costume this year, especially her blue cheerleader uniform from her “Good 4 U” music video. If you ever wondered what the costume would be called as a knockoff, one fan imagined it would be “Like A Damn Sociopath.” The phrase is a reference to a lyric in the song.

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Some celebrities have also joined in on the trend. For example, a costume depicting Lil Nas X as a “Gay Person In A Terrible Outfit” caught the star’s attention. The photo of Lil Nas X in the meme is from an infamously questionable 2019 red carpet look.

The “Star Walkin’” singer, who is notorious for trolling fans, responded to the meme by pretending to be upset at the costume. “It’s funny until u realize both of my dead grandmothers stitched this outfit together before passing and I wore it to go and donate to a childrens hospital after volunteering at a soup kitchen for the homeless. Not so@funny know is it?” he said.

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Meanwhile, “Unholy” singer Kim Petras Instagrammed a fake Spirit Halloween costume for a sl*t. The costume referenced the name of her fourth EP, Sl*t Pop, which dropped on Feb. 11.

Maren Morris has also been having fun with the trend. On Oct. 27, she re-posted a costume calling her a “Lunatic Country Music Person,” which is how Tucker Carlson labeled her earlier this year. Morris wasn’t phased by the name and launched a merch line inspired by the ordeal with funds going toward the Transgender Media Program and Trans Lifeline.

Her Spirit Halloween outfit included a tambourine, inclusive fans, a pickleball paddle, a wig, and beef with transphobes. However, the meme warned fans that the costume didn’t come with a tall guy, which is a nod to Morris’ song “Tall Guys.”

“I didn’t commission this but I do acknowledge it,” Morris captioned the photo. “Happy Halloween, lunatics. 🎃”

A 5 Seconds of Summer fan created a fake costume of Calum Hood calling his outfit “Early 2000s Avril Lavigne,” which might be a popular costume this year.

Another person used their costume reveal to call The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kim Richards “The Superior Sister.” IYKYK.

Here’s hoping these Spirit Halloween memes make a comeback every year.